Volume 2 Books are here!

September 10, 2012 | 9:16 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Finally! Today I got a bunch of boxes from our printers full of volume 2 books! They look super great! I’m really pleased with them and I think you will be too!

Those of you who have preordered, I’ll be working my way through all of your orders starting this week. Naturally, the Artist Edition books will take longer because I like to spend some actual time working on the front cover drawings. So, if you ordered one of those they could be backed up a bit, but I’m working on it!

Thanks so everyone who ordered! I really hope you love your books and thank you for the support!

If you’d like to order your own, you can still get them in the store. Here’s links for the Artist Edition and Regular versions.

MWAH MWAH (kissing sounds)


  • safyrejet

    YAY! Now I just need to be patient a little longer while I wait for my AE. But it’s gonna be awesome, I know.

  • Stev

    Being broke sucks! I might have enough to buy one of these but I gotta save some money for myself.

    Also, you should do a picture of Gunner with/doing any of the following, and then post them:
    -Singing for a heavy metal band. Seems like he has the personality for it.
    -BED HEAD!! That would just be hilarious! Add some five-o’-clock shadow and a short temper, and you’ll have an exact portrait of me every morning.
    -A beard. Enough said.
    -Hair full of static like he just got hit by lightning or something… Ehh, maybe not.
    -BLUE HAIR! He might be able to pull it off.
    -Chillin’ at the bus stop.
    -Enjoying a cigarette, or a beer. Or do one of each.
    -Playing some Xbox.
    -Any other situation you probably wouldn’t find Gunner in.

    Actually, doing some sort of spin-off with a few of the characters playing in a metal band would be awesome: Zap on the lead guitar, Grontar on drums, Reona on keyboards, Naveed on rhythm guitar, Kasey on the bass, and of course Gunner rockin’ the mic. Could work. Reona and Naveed might be interchangeable with each other, and it doesn’t really matter who plays bass since no one pays attention to the bassist anyway.

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