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Why the ads?

Zap! is a labor of love. Apparently this love is pretty expensive. The cost of maintaining and running this website is offset by the ads placed throughout the site. We’ve taken care to program the site in such a way that viewing the ads will not arrest the loading of the pages. We also review our ads regularly to protect our readers from bad ads.

If you enjoy reading Zap! and want to see it continue, we ask you to do your part and add us as a trusted site if you choose to use an ad blocker. Every time someone visits the site, it costs us a little bit of money. Ads help us make that money back.

Need to report a bad ad?

Sometimes a nasty ad gets through. If you see a pop up, a talking ad, or an ad that rolls out over the screen without you telling it to, REPORT IT! That’s not the user experience we have in mind for you. We’ll track it down and remove it so you can get back to enjoying the comic.

To report a bad ad email Pascalle at Pascalle.lepas(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject of “Ads on Zap!”

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