The Main Cast

Zap Vexler – Confused Captain

Age: appears to be in his mid twenties.
Species: Human/Psychic
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Captain of the Excelsior, possibly previously a mad scientist.
Without a past to cling to, Zap quickly forms bonds with those around him. Kind, loyal, and nieve, the substitute captain of the Excelsior is fiercely protective of his new friends.Zap’s memory was apparently erased by Naveed Catlos in what seemed to be an act of vengance against Gunner Stryfe. Though details regarding the incident remain sketchy, it is clear that Naveed had a pivotal role in the fiasco that led to Zap becoming the captain of the Excelsior.

Reona Lightstar – Has an Arm Cannon

Age: 25
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Occupation: First Mate on the Excelsior.
Info:Though she acts tough, Reona is often secretly troubled by the turmoil of the world around her. She was drawn to Efrem for his confidence and soon followed him to the Resistance even though she lacked training as a fighter. Spunky and determined not to be a burden, Reona quickly learned to use a laser pistol and pilot a ship. Kasey the Stickle equipped Reona with a mechanical gun-arm after Reona lost her arm in a fight with Naveed Catlos.

Gunner Stryfe – Kind of a Douche, but, like, sexy

Age: appears to be in his mid twenties.
Species: Human/Psychic
Sex: Male
Hair: Purple
Occupation: Previously employed by the GEF, currently heading a terrorist movement against non-psychics.
Gunner’s specialty lies in telekenesis. He is able to manipulate objects and even people by using his mind. Quiet and observant, Gunner keeps the majority of his thoughts private. His main concern has been to retrieve his childhood friend Zap so that they can resume their plans of controlling the psychic army amassed by the GEF under Gunner’s instructions as the Serpent.

Grontar Grott – Hairy with Four Arms

Age: 78
Species: Quadrillian
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Occupation: Mechanic
Info: Grontar serves as Excelsior’s head mechanic. He is overly brash and quickly resorts to violence. A fairly young Quadrillian, who is a native to Quadrillia and its customs, Grontar is idealistic and loyal to those he respects. Grontar harbors great respect for the Excelsior’s previous captain Efrem Nutari and sees Zap as an incompetant upstart. His hatred of Zap fades to general annoyance once he realizes how far Zap would go to protect Reona.

Kasey the Stickle – Sexy Mechanic!

Age: 64
Species: Stickle
Sex: Female
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Head Mechanic on Silnari Station
A devoted member of the Resistance, Kasey has always been willing to help where she can. She developed the plasma cannon technology that powers Reona’s arm cannon. The cannon is, to date, the only known Stickle invention to function properly. Kasey remains transfixed with Robot, having never seen more advanced AI in all her travels and constantly berates him with affection.

Robot – XR743-9Q – Attitude Problem

Build: Universal Navigation Droid
Sex: programmed male personality
Color: Blue with yellow light panels
Occupation: Ship Translator
Info: Usually either the butt of a joke or the cause of one, XR-7439-Q translates what Excelsior says for the non-robotic crew members. Named “Robot” by Zap, XR-7439-Q has a sarcastic streak a mile wide and a very lazy demeanor most of the time. Despite this behavior and his apparent dislike for almost everyone, he DOES have a softer side. This is seen in his touching moments with his newest and truest love, Excelsior itself.Not much is known about where Robot came from. He was brought to the Resistance by the crew of a ship called the Hard Luck and was quickly assigned to the Excelsior.

Naveed Catlos – Takes a Cat to be a Bitch

Age: 29
Species: Felinian
Sex: Female
Hair: Silver and white
Info: Naveed is a skilled killer with a quick temper. She delights in being in control of a situation and stalking her prey.At Gunner’s urgings, Naveed found employ under the GEF as an assassin. She was often dispatched to target planets to kill political or social leaders who were spear-heading efforts against GEF control. Under GEF employ Naveed was granted access to GEF secrets including sensitive information and secret locations of classified GEF compounds. She fed her information to Gunner, who used it to build his plans against the government.

The Supporting Cast

Efrem Nutari – Everyone Hates Him

Age: 26
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Ex-Captain of the Excelsior
Info: The previous captain before Zap, Efrem was a high ranking officer in the Resistance which allowed him to take command of the mysterious ship. After handpicking his crew, Efrem led many victories for the Galactic Resistance. After receiving orders to eliminate Naveed Catlos, Efrem and his crew were caught by surprise when Naveed attacked Reona and killed Efrem. Now that Efrem is gone, Reona, his ex lover and first mate, constantly pines for her lost love. But is he truly lost? Recent events have shown Efrem to be working under the mysterious Serpent. But is it all due to psychic crown he now wears?

William Haskins – Two-Time Orphan!

Species:Human, from Pluto
Occupation: G.E.F. Troop Leader/Assistant Academy Supervisor of Special Projects
Info: Orphaned by war at an early age, William was adopted by the president’s psychic advisor Vitale and grew up in GEF Academies. Ever stoic and accepting of the GEF’s authority, William quickly climbed through the military’s ranks until he received a coveted commanding position under General Maximus Verbatim. At Vitale’s urging, William was promoted to Dean of the Universal Psychic Academy, where he stands as the GEF’s eyes and ears. Overseeing the Academy has brought doubt to William’s faith in the GEF and he now secretly questions the government’s intentions.

Holly Kidson – Plucky Pirate

Age: 24
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Pirate Captain of the Ebony Duck
Despite her diminutive stature, Holly has no problem getting what she wants. She’s a proud and capable captain and her crew follows her loyally. She lives by the pirate mantra of ‘Steal first, ask later.’

Inman – Murder Circus

Eyes/Hair: Black
Affable and cheerful, Inman handles mechanical maintenance on the Ebony Duck. He is one of Holly Kidson’s right-hand men. Before joining Holly and her father as pirates, Inman traveled with a circus as a contortionist. His weapon of choice is the dagger.

Scherzer – This Guy’s Big

Race: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: none
Before being rescued by Holly’s father, Scherzer was a slave for a company that mines raw elements to the GEF. Scherzer values his freedom and the pirate way of life and will fight to protect it from the GEF.

Justin Smith – Has Morals

Age: 28
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond
Occupation: High Ranking Resistance Member
Info: Justin is somewhat of a posterboy for the Galactic Resistance. He was an original member of the Resistance Council but has since resigned from his position to take a more practical approach to the situation. His last known assignment is considered Top Secret and is deep undercover spying on a remote G.E.F. installation on a forested planet. However, Justin was captured in the GEF attack on the base and is currently being interrogated. Justin is also a very close friend with the recently deceased Efrem.

Jason Wilkins – Drinks A Lot

Age: 21
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Light Brown
Occupation: Resistance Member
Info: Jason is a low ranking member of the resistance who enjoys a good drink more often than not. This drunk loves to read William Shakespeare and drink Jack Daniels. He does however play an important part in our story as he is the one who inadvertently pointed out Zap to a GEF officer as resistance spy (even though Zap was not at the time). Zap, as you could imagine, hates Jason with a passion, but Jason has a way of getting out of tough spots. Of course, he’s being held prisoner alongside his superior, Justin.

Vitale – Sort of an Obi Wan, only a Frog

Occupation: Oracular Advisor to the President
Info: Vitale is a powerful psychic in service to the GEF. He adopted and raised William Haskins after the officer was orphaned as a boy and taught the young Plutonian to respect life in all its forms. Kind and universally empathetic, Vitale searches for a future that is beneficial to all living creatures. He is responsible for William’s appointment to Supervisor over the Academy. Recently, Vitale has been plagued by visions of an overpowering, ancient darkness.

President Jacob Billings – Bungling

Age: 56
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Grey… with a comb over
Occupation: President of the Galactic Earth Federation
Info: President Billings is the driving force behind the Galactic Earth Federation’s increased number of annexed solar systems… at least as far as the public is concerned. Billings is actually more of a bumbling fool who is being played like a puppet by his two right hand men, Feonix and Maximus. A miser who loves money, Billings can be convinced to follow any campaign where money is the core motivation.

Maximus Verbatim – Has a Metal Eyepatch

Age: 35
Species: Martian
Sex: Male
Hair: Green
Occupation: General of Surface Vehicles and Infantry
Info: A Human born on the war-torn territory of Mars, Maximus Verbatim quickly became accustomed to the terrors of battle and at a very young age proved himself a successful and ruthless leader. Second only to Billings himself, Maximus has a strong ambition for power and will do anything to get it.

Feonix Yago – Might be an Evil Muppet

Age: 712
Species: Tractan
Sex: Asexual
Hair: None, but he has really cool horns, right?
Occupation: General of Interstellar and Aquatic Weaponry
Info: Feonix Yago was born on the planet Tracta long before the GEF was even created. His race grants him long life among other things (such as flight and night vision). A hero among his people, Feonix has fought countless battles over the centuries for the freedom of his race. In an apparent act of treachery, Feonix submitted to Billings and the GEF without a fight. Now, Feonix has worked his way to the third highest position in all of the Federation and bides his time for his moment of revenge.

Grivak – He Dies!

Species: Holaran
Sex: Male
Hair: Orange
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Info: Grivak is a member of an elite group of bounty hunters known as “The Hunters”. Our crew met Grivak on an abandoned space freighter when they answered a mysterious distress signal. Grivak, a formidible warrior, lost his teammates to a strange shape shifting alien and soon met the same fate as his comrades.

The Galilean Satellites – There’s Four

Species: Elementaro
Sex: 2 Males, 2 Females
Hair: Varies
Occupation: Former Freedom Fighters turned Guns for Hire
Info: The Satellites are the only remaining members of their species. The Elementaro race are very in tune with the elements. Their ability to manipulate their surroundings have been compared to the ever growing psychic phenomena showing up on remote worlds. When the GEF were in negotiations to annex the Elementaro homeworld, four members would not fall for Billings’ tricks. Their own people betrayed them and once the GEF had the Satellites in custody, they destroyed the planet anyway. Io, their leader controls the power of fire, Callisto controls the power of water, Gannymede controls the power of earth and Europa controls the power of wind. When Naveed broke them out of stasis, they pledged to joined Gunner in his campaign against the GEF in order to enact revenge for their murdered people.

Demonica Altiris – Seductive

Age: Unknown
Species: Tentalian
Sex: Female
Hair: Blue Tentacles
Occupation: Owner of the Rings of Luck Casino/Former Informant
Info: Once a devious informant for the Resistance, Demonica took a special interest in Reona when she worked as a cocktail waitress on the casino station known as The Rings of Luck. She introduced Reona to Efrem who was already a Resistance member at the time. After this, Demonica used her race’s unique powers to win the devotion of the former owner of the Rings of Luck Casino. After his death, he left the casino to her and she now proudly runs it.

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