General FAQ’s
The questions we get over and over:

Q. When does Zap! update?
A. Zap! updates without fail every Monday. Sometimes there’s an extra comic on Thursday, but a notice and news post will always go up in advance, so be sure to watch for them!

Q. Who makes this thing?
A. Zap! is a collaborative effort that was created and written by Chris Layfield and Pascalle Lepas with Pascalle providing the illustrations.


Pascalle’s most frequently asked questions about the art in Zap!

Q. What do you use to make your lines? Is it pencil or ink?
A. I ink all the pages with Rapidograph Technical Pens by Koh-I-Noor. They’re available in sets and in a varitey of sizes. I use .25 and .35 the most for the comic. UPDATE: Recently I have started inking the comics digitally on a wacom cintiq tablet using a 3px pencil on a 600 dpi 11×14 file.

Q. What programs do you use to color the comic?
A. I use photoshop and paint shop pro. It’s pretty standard coloring. I don’t have any crazy filters or plug-ins. It’s pretty much all paint bucket tool, lasso tool, airbrush and, you know, ten to fifteen hours.

Q. Do you take commissions?
A. Nope. I work all day with computers, and when I get home, I really just want to draw for myself. Thanks for the offer, though!

Q. Why don’t you update more?
A. I don’t do this comic for a living, I work on it during my spare time after I get home from my real job. Each page takes between ten to fifteen hours to complete and because it doesn’t make me any money, I don’t really see any reason to dump ALL my free time into it. If you want more comic, support the comic! Donate, buy a book, or whatever. Make it worth my while to pour all of my time into it, otherwise please enjoy the free entertainment and stop asking for more comics. Demanding I throw my life away so that you can have more stuff for free does kind of make me want to punch people.

Q. Would you update more if you could?
A. Of course! Making comics for a living is my dream! I’d love to put up three or more comics in a week. As soon as it becomes financially possible for me to live off my comics, I’m totally there. You can help by supporting this comic through book purchases, donation wallpapers and just telling your friends or reading the archives again. If you want more Zap! its up to you guys to help me get there.

Q. What fonts do you use for the comic?
A. Digital Strip is the main lettering typeface used in the comic. You can download it and other fine typefaces at blam bot.

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