Zap! is set in the far future during a time of social and political unrest. Fifty years ago the Galactic Earth Federation was formed as a means for Earth to secure the boundaries of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Shortly thereafter the GEF began to expand its reach to neighboring galaxies and its power and influence grew rapidly. Nearly twenty five years ago President Jacob Billings assumed power and the GEF increased what its critics labeled its ‘hostile takeover’ of planets and systems. Shorty after Billings’ administration was established rebel factions began to develop in order to assist planets in resisting takeover by the GEF. Once the Resistance became a formal organization the President labeled them a terrorist organization.

Important Races


Though Psychics can be of any race there are a number of people who consider the psychics to be the next step in sentient evolution. The psychic phenomenon seems to be fairly new, leaving society struggling to understand them.


The Stickles are a race of humanoids from a series of engineered planets, currently Sticklebat 7. They have an affinity for technology and are known for their faulty, often explosive inventions (so much so that many businesses that employ Stickles are required to carry Stickle Insurance). Stickles tend to have bushy fawn colored hair, tails, and range from seven to nine feet in height.


Quadrillians are a race of tribal people from Quadrilla. They are known for their brute strength, four arms and thick skin. Quadrilla is considered a developing planet. Quadrillians tend to be anti-social with other races. They tend to be gray in color, though this can range from nearly black to nearly white in hue and are covered with thick dark hair that ranges from ruddy brown to black.


The Tractans are the asexual bipedal race of the planet Tracta. They have two horns and large bat-like wings and possess the power of flight on their planet, which has a lower gravitational force than Earth. Tracta is currently occupied by the GEF.


Plutonians are humans born on Pluto, Earth’s first fully successful terra forming venture. The pleasant temperatures on Pluto have made it into an oasis for wealthy military families. Family lineage is very important to Plutonians, who don family crests as facial tattoos around the eyes and cheeks. The racial slur “dog” developed as an insult to Plutonians for their service to the GEF.


The Felinians earned their name due to their overwhelming resemblance to cats, though many Felinians prefer to be called by their native term, the Ankan. The Felinians are a highly classicist society and slavery is still known to be a prevalent practice. Felinians have sharper reflexes than many races and for this reason are known to train and sell slaves as assassins.


The Holaran are a race of green humanoids not particularly known for agression, though the most famous group of bounty hunters in several galaxies hail from Holares. Holarans are a medium-sized species, ranging from six to eight feet in height. They are known for their flexibility and possess a vascular, reproductive and digestive system wholly different from humans.


An ancient race of fish-like people with limited psychic abilities.

Important Places


A jungle planet, the Resistance had a base on Vantoss until the GEF chased Zap and the crew there and raided the base.


A space station where Kasey worked as head mechanic until a power cell meltdown (caused by a misfire from Reona’s arm cannon) destroyed it.

Rings of Luck Casino

A space station turned Casino and run by Demonica Altiris. The casino features many fine restaurants and an amusement park, as well as shopping and casino games. Reona worked there as a waitress before joining the Resistance with Efrem.


A planet in the Julet system, Aquaria is covered in water and occupied by a race of psychic fish people known as Aquarians.

Earth’s Moon

A failed terra forming venture causes it to rain nearly constantly on Earth’s Moon. The GEF have used the Moon as the location of the Universal Psychic Academy.

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