Kickstarter is GO!

November 5, 2012 | 6:03 am, by Chris Layfield


KICKSTARTER!!!! So, yeah, this is happening, folks. The Kickstarter for Volume 3 prints has launched! We’re super excited about this and hope you all get a chance to pledge and get great rewards. If you can’t (don’t worry, we understand) then you can help out by telling everyone you know about it! Twitter, Facebook, Google+, bullhorn, smoke signal… anything helps! Wish us luck, and by doing so, wish yourself luck as well… or something. Where am I?

Check out the Kickstarter right HERE!



  • Alexander K

    Looking good! As a kickstarter junkie, I like how the project is presented, as well as the reward selection. May I have a couple of suggestions?

    1) Make wallpaper versions of the posters and give them to all backers, makes for a nice gesture (or even a stretch goal)! Just make sure to account for things like portrait-mode-retina iPads, etc.

    2) Folks who really, really don’t want physical goods due to various reasons can’t get the artbook. It may be worth it to consider a high-level digital tier with the thank you mention and PDF of the artbook. Maybe even a digital sketch?

    3) Proofread, then proofread again, then ask someone else to proofread. Can’t stress that one enough.

  • Alexander K

    Oh, as a P.S.: how about t-shirts for stretch goals?

  • We’ve thought about tshirts in the past, we’ve done research several times and it seems just not many of our fans would buy a tshirt. Sad but true. At least not enough to warrant making one. We may do wallpapers as a stretchgoal though. Maybe of the cover of volume #3… have to talk about that with Pascalle.

  • Alexander K

    Thank you for your answer. Backed the digital tier; by the way, the posters really need previews in the project description to be seductive.

  • Alexander K

    Hmmm, sorry for splitting my thoughts into many separate comments, but still:

    The whole project will be even more interesting to your fans if you include a bit of book-exclusive material to it, sketches, drawing process snapshots maybe? An exclusive side comic is possible but may disappoint those who will not buy the book.

  • safyrejet

    Just pledged. AE baby, wooo! Uhm, also I’ll put in my hopes that we see some KS exclusive goodies come up, maybe as stretch goals. Even something as simple as an exclusive bookmark to all KS orders goes a long way to making these things more lucrative and shiny and awesome.

  • thank you for pledging!! aah!

    Chris and I felt that having stretch goals so early would be premature. Maybe it isn’t? If we get closer to the goal we’ll announce THINGS.

  • There’s always book exclusive sketches in the back of the books! I like to include concept art and character design stuff from the years during which I was drawing the comic pages. :)

  • Thank you for backing us! :D

    Good point on the previews for the poster. You can, of course, see them in the regular store but we’ll get them added to the KS page for sure!

    Good tip!


  • Alexander K

    Ah sorry, didn’t notice that in the project description. You should make it *bold* and standing out ;)

  • safyrejet

    Cool beans. I am anticipating this with great eagerness. I’m hoping I’ll be able to bump up my pledge in a few weeks too. Still have to ponder some monetary issues.

  • Im going to be adding in pictures of some of the rewards this weekend. Thanks for the tip and the pledge!

  • Polaris

    This kickstarter has made me wage an internal war against myself. I want to pledge three hundred so badly but I just don’t have the money right now. Thinking of going ninty instead.

    I do have a question though. Will volume three (and the rest of the volumes for that matter) be available as apps at any point? Cause I bought the first two and read them a billion times but the next instalments never came out.

  • We did our apps through Keenspot, and since we aren’t with them anymore, haven’t made any more apps. Maybe that is something to reconsider in the next year.

    Thanks so much!

  • Polaris

    Oh that makes sense. All I know is that if you made more apps I would buy every single one of them :)

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