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January 28, 2014 | 11:38 am, by Pascalle Lepas

First of all I want to apologize about this whole thing. We will be more at liberty to tell you everything that has happened once we actually finally get the books. It has been a nightmare and I’ve lost sleep, but we’ve been really really trying to get this thing going.

Backers should have an update on kickstarter they can read. We’re going to go ahead and fulfill orders for people who don’t have a volume 3 book in their reward tier. If that is you please fill out the address survey so we can mail out your posters!

You guys, I’m just really sorry. This is a thing that is out of my control and I absolutely can’t stand that you don’t have your books yet. The files were finished and printing was paid for in August of last year and since then it has been… something else.

Please don’t think that we take you and your generous support of Zap! for granted, or that we are going to shyster out on you. I will pay for the books again from a different printer if I have to, to make it happen. I’m just really sorry! I feel terrible about what a nightmare this is and how we’ve had to keep quiet. We’re just trying to get the books.

i love you i love you don’t hate me. :( We really are working on it. I mean, I can’t even, you guys. You won’t believe it when we tell you.


  • Canin Christell

    It’s okay, and don’t worry so much. As anyone who’s had a school assignment ever can understand, hiccups happen, and they’re even worse when they’re outside your control.

    Hang in there. =)

  • safyrejet

    It’s OK. I love you too. I know it’s not like you’re withholding book awesomeness from us on purpose. Whatever’s going on with the darn printer, well, I don’t blame you. Just thanks for keeping us informed.

  • They are allegedly being printed right now but once again I can’t get ahold of them to get an ETA on completion so we could tell people, or to confirm that they have my address correct for shipping. Or even what the final freight shipping cost will be so we can prepare that.

    *hair falls out*

  • thanks! I just want people to know that I haven’t forgotten about them and that I don’t take them for granted. I just feel bad that I haven’t been able to get them their books.

  • It’s always stressful working with printers. I’ve worked on both sides of the street and it’s frustrating. Unless you know the printers really well, it’s just … a stress-fest.

    Hang in there.

  • Alexander K

    Don’t worry about us. We’re not going to flip tables and leave. We can’t even be angry with you, as such situations are really not the fault of creators on KS.

    Look, after all, the very fact we supported your Kickstarter means, for many of us, that we love what you do, respect you and want to support you.

    So, have a hug and stop worrying, Pascalle (it was you why wrote the above, right?) At the very least about your backers’ feelings. We’re in with you guys in that all :)

  • Thanks so much! I just want you to know that I respect you to! :)

  • Pickwick_Next

    Sadly, I somehow missed the kickstarter (I seem to have this weird curse by which I only find out about awesome kickstarter projects that I would have supported after they’re over, even if I had a thousand opportunities to be clued in to them earlier). However, speaking as a former book production project manager, I’m well acquainted with printer issues and can say with confidence that they happen, and when they do, they’re usually totally out of the control of anyone on the receiving end of the printed product. Sometimes, it seems like strange, evil little gremlins are involved… Sorry to hear you’re having these problems; I hope they get cleared up soon!

  • Thanks for the kind words!

    The whole thing has me really afraid to do another kickstarter for the next book. I’m afraid people will just be super put out and turned off by us and I hate it.

  • Bowchikawowers

    I wish I’d known about this Kickstarter! I for one (If I manage to find out about it, I seem to have the same issue as Pickwick with finding out about KS after they’re over) Will be all over the KS for the next book. I LOVE your work, and as a graphic designer and illustrator who has had to do battle with printers before, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Evil little gremlins indeed…

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