Volume 3 & ECCC!

March 19, 2014 | 12:10 am, by Pascalle Lepas

I have volume 3! I had a box air-mailed so that it would be here in time for Emerald City Comic Con, so I’ll have it there! (table 811!) Whatever is leftover after the con will go to start filling KS orders, and then we’ll start filling all of them when the rest of the book arrive in early April! I’m so excited! Thanks for being patient, everyone!

If you’re going to be at Emerald City, come on by and see me! Table 811! I’ll have Excelsior and Gunner posters, all three books, the Naveed and Gunner art booklet, a few buttons and then I’ll be doing custom sketches, and FREE ART CARDS WHAAAAT.


  • Psithief

    Is that real? No, can’t be!

    The major printing problem, was it all those different coloured backgrounds?

  • So pretty…!

  • haha, no the other books have bgs like that and it’s never been a problem. The vast majority of the problems was on the printer’s end and their terrible customer service. :/

  • :3 Thanks! So glad we’re going to finally be able to get them to people!

  • Lady Courage

    SHINY!!!! Finally, man, this has been such a headache for y’all. I’m glad it’s over. …It is over now, right? XD

  • haha. not quite! We still have to pick up the remainder of the books from a warehouse because they wouldn’t mail them to my house (??). But they aren’t here yet, since they were shipped freight.

    Then we have to fulfill all the orders…

    But so close!

  • Lady Courage

    So close… Almost there! And hey, at least the readers are much easier to work with than the printers. At least, from what I’m gathering by reading the comments here. :P Good luck as you finally finish this monstrosity of an ordeal!

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