Vol 3 Kickstarter Update

May 27, 2014 | 2:39 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Hello, again Zaplings! Just a quick note on the state of the kickstarter fulfillment: IT’S ALMOST DONE!

I finished everything in the $60 tier, except for a few people who still haven’t sent in their shipping addresses yet. (I sent email out. Look for an email from me and ANSWER IT please!) If you backed something in the $60 tier and under, your stuff should be to you or on the way. If you still don’t have it in a few weeks, let me know!

$75 tier – I have all 30 books for this tier drawn in and ready to go, but I needed a larger shipping¬†box¬†for all the reward stuff in this tier (and the next) so I’m waiting on those to arrive later this week. I should have them all packaged up and ready to mail out by early next week.

Thanks again for being so patient! Drawing in and mailing out the books has been time consuming, but also has gone very smoothly. I’m happy to hear that the packages are arriving to you all. :)

On a related note, I watched Pacific Rim yesterday, and the scene where the Kaiju smashed up the shipping yard gave me stress flashbacks. I even shouted “Not the Zap! books!” to the delight of everyone in the room but me.



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