100f | The Dream Revisited

100f | The Dream Revisited

November 15, 2003 | 9:24 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Pay attention to all the symbolism here.


  • I love the imagery in that last panel.


  • Damien Horton

    The fact that the last guy tried to escape and died as a result makes it not much of a choice, frankly.

  • Negatron

    Only he didn’t really die, did he.

  • well, actually, as a new reader I wouldn’t know if he did or not… or what side he’s actually on, etc… and putting there doesn’t actually stop my eyeballs from seeing the words ;P
    **sighs** and yes, I realize you left that comment 3 years ago and my not even be “around” anymore.
    ok, not feeling well today, so I guess I’m being a bit snarky.

  • Green Arrow

    I know the feels, I just found this comic too, spoilers stink…

  • I’m just putting a reply here to let new people know that there is a SPOILER lower down in the comments and they shouldn’t read it.

    (it’s a reply to this because otherwise it would be lower than the spoiler and therefore useless.)

  • I’m replying to this reply to let new people know that some of us old people are still around.


    (P.S. Spoilers suck, but unfortunately there are always those who spoil in comments. Hard to avoid, impossible to eliminate; best to just be as zen about it as possible … )

  • Thanks for letting me know about that spoiler! I deleted it!

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