148a | Ka-Boom

148a | Ka-Boom

January 16, 2004 | 9:31 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Silverwolf

    “Warning. The Stickle has done something. We are going to die.”

  • KermitsGirl

    This will sound weird, but I really hope that eyepatch guy in the last panel is in this more. I'm sure he's not. But he looks like an interesting character.

  • Matanui3

    So now that Reona has defeated the station, what kind of new weapon does she get?

  • Negatron

    Dunno, but an entire station must be worth some serious exp.

  • Negatron

    Personally, I LOLed at Shih Tzu-head and Elephant man in a Penny Arcade shirt (good to see webcomics still going strong in the far future). Wouldn’t mind seeing either of ’em again. Mainly because, yanno… the lulz

  • Negatron

    Right, sure, blame it on the Stickle… as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Get equipped with TOPLESS BAR!
    “WHAT!? NO!”

  • oh!! it’s a yorkalien in the last panel!

  • Vezera

    That seems like the worst possible place to put a critical, volatile piece of equipment. Well, okay, maybe the 12fth worst place, but still, you have someone who can build and armcannon. Commission to build an arm-cannon proof safe!

  • haaaaaa Thinking about resurrecting Spades and thought of this immediately. This was so fun, thanks for including Kanon :)

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