229b | Elementary, My Dear Io...

229b | Elementary, My Dear Io…

May 25, 2004 | 10:04 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Matanui3

    So who has the power of Heart? Naveed? LOL

  • Signlanguagemonkey

    I suppose the fact that I am proud of predicting this means I need professional help.  Also, Ganymede is the biggest of Jupiter’s moons.  (Sorry, science geek took over there for a second.)

  • Page-Mistress

    He has flaming eyebrows!

  • Marduk

    For some reason i imagined him speaking it in portugease ” Fogo”

  • Great Justice

     Yes, yes, yes, we all marvel at your incredible wikipedia-browsing skills, now pipe down.

  • Damien Horton

    Goooo Planet!

  • SanguineFox

    And IO is a moon around Jupiter that is almost entirely ice. Kind of ironic seeing as he’s using fire.

  • Decoluvj Sms

    No no no no! IO is the most volcanic of the moons, and Callisto is the icy one- and under the layer of ice is water (probably, says nasa).  It totally fits!

  • Negatron

    True, Io is the most geologically active object in the system. However as far as sub-surface oceans go, Callisto is by no means unique as Europa is also hypothesised to have them. And as for size, “little Ganymede” is not only the largest of the galilean moons, it’s the largest moon in the entire solar system.

  • IMNC

    No. That’s Europa. Io is covered in sulfur volcanoes. What is ironic is that Io is a guy and not a girl, seeing as Io was an Argive princess of Hera.

  • IMNC

    Ugh. I just realized it after I posted, but I accidentally said “princess” instead of “priestess”. Europa was a Phoenician princess.

  • Negatron

    Sure, if by “Heart” you mean the ability to remove it from someone’s ribcage with your bare hands in record-breaking time. If that’s the case, then Naveed is your regular Ma-Ti.

  • Yeah. The lack of actual facial hair makes it kind of easy to predict that he’s the Fire one, doesn’t it?

  • Squid

    YES my middle name has the most awesome hair.
    Oh, and powers. But who needs powers when you have awesome hair?

  • I guess this means that Europa is “the last airbender”.


  • Generic name

    Gannymede reminds me of Beast Boy. Also, how does obe use a mastery of fire loke that peacefully? That seems like it would have a very narrow range of applications off the battlefield

  • Green Arrow

    Io has flaming locks of awesomeness.

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