285 | Plans for Amusement

285 | Plans for Amusement

September 2, 2004 | 10:23 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Zippomage

    Hard to dramatically monologue AND say the phrase merry-go-round

  • Silverwolf

    But only someone TRULY evil can say “merry-go-round” without losing the sinister factor.

  • OctoDude

    The merry-go-round… OF DOOM!

  • Damien Horton

    The Mwah Hah Hah-y Go Round?

  • LdaQuirm

    I think there was a merry-go-round of DOOM in Girl Genius.

  • Nhobdy

    It could destroy a small town :)

  • Negatron

    Girl Genius reference FTW!

  • Signlanguagemonkey

    So every major villain and protagonist is going to be at the station within the next few strips or so?  Showdown sense … tingling!

  • Generic name

    I read that three times. Once in a Zim voice, once in a GIR voice, an in the voice of the radio opperator on te Irkin homeworld.

  • Anonymous

    He should have just said “Meet me at the carousel.”

  • Steriema

    See! Gunner can’t be the Serpent. Not in a million years! They are at the same place, at the same time. So there is absolutely no chance they could also be the same person…

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