313d | Teachings

313d | Teachings

November 5, 2004 | 10:49 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Anonymous

    “And this is why you don’t throw anything that could become shrapnel at a psychic”

  • Yo

    Good thing the tux ain’t a rental.

  • Marduk


  • Damien Horton

    “Dammit, now I’ll never get back the deposit!”

  • LucarioGuy15

    NOOOOO! THE TUX! YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT! (I mean, literally. This wasn’t cheap you know?)

  • That arm-crossing thing ~never~ works.

  • Anonymous

    He’s protecting his chest – i.e. His heart, lungs, ribs…. Better a few superficial cuts on his arms and legs than a chunk of concrete to the lung.

  • Graywolf7902000


  • His arms wouldn’t stop a significant chunk of concrete.

    All they really block is his range of vision.

  • Chocolate

    to be fair, it looked sturdy :(

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