329b | The Hall of Mirrors

329b | The Hall of Mirrors

December 17, 2004 | 10:53 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • toraush naull

    I love that mirror effect you even show her from different angles that's cool

  • Formula_410

    This from the chick who makes “purr” puns all the time

  • Zippomage

    Wow, I did not see this coming. I am so shocked at this twist.

  • Shiroganekaze

    i stand corrected.

  • OctoDude

    I second that; the mirror images are outstanding – well done!!

  • Marduk

    Pretty nice mirror effects you got here. You must’ve used a 3d program as well right?

  • The comic is done entirely in photoshop. :P

  • Angela Griffin

    Again, you have SERIOUS patience

  • Angela Griffin

    Again, you have SERIOUS patience

  • Volpe

    That first panel is rockin

  • I’m sure she doesn’t do it on purrpuss.

  • Formula_410

    OH YOU!

  • Oh me… ow.

  • Guest

    Marry me.

  • I’d consider it quite pawsible you whisker away people with lines like that. I’m not kitten you.

  • hee hee :) yeah, I like the kitteh jokes…

  • Kitirena Koneko

    But only when they’re ap-purr-priate, nyao. -_^

  • … How odd. I was just finding it amusing that she’d failed at exactly that thing. Most of the images show exactly the same angle as the drawn image of her. There only seem to be 3 variants in that one frame.

    But then there have been a few cases earlier in the comic where supposedly reflected text wasn’t mirrored like it should be… so it isn’t exactly surprising.

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