341f | A Sucker For Redheads

341f | A Sucker For Redheads

January 24, 2005 | 10:58 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • VegaMX

    Awwww man! And this tux was a rental… *thud*

  • Keeva

    Nooooooo, his sculpted abdomen! lol

  • Keeva

    Nooooooo, his sculpted abdomen! lol

  • Angela Griffin

    I’m such a sadist. I love to read these pages over and over again JUST to watch Zap in agony and suffering

  • Drake

    @google-cba990c766da73c56817828dad3d58dc:disqus …..that’s just soooooo…….creepy you really like to see him “dead”?anways my comment–>Zap:Good thing..*cough*…this tux wasn’t..*cough*…a rental..*thud*
    Reona:Zap! it was a rental…….NOOOOOO!!!

  • Daniel George

    I used to save the girl but then I took a bullet to the back

  • Whatisbiscuit

    Poor Reona, why do her boyfriends keep dying?
    Is it because of her?

  • Crestlinger

    This has been an ad for duramex discrete body armour. Because you never know…

  • oh wow that’s messed up….

  • Green Arrow

    Wait, wha??

  • John Smith

    “This is a pain that will linger.”

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