356 | Birds of a Feather

356 | Birds of a Feather

February 14, 2005 | 11:00 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Zippomage

    it seems she can sense psychic potential

  • Great Justice

     It seems you have trouble understanding written text.

    She, quite clearly, says: “others who SMELL like him”. This statement, along with a previous one where she said Zap and Efrem “even smell alike”, goes towards establishing the fact that Demonica apparently has a very acute sense of smell (not that surprising from a species able to influence others by way of producing pheromones)

  • Keeva

    I have to agree with Zippo here, she has an awesome sense of smell, yes, but I think they fact that Zap and these other PSYCHICS smell alike establishes that maybe her abilities are various, or that these guys produce a similar smell by dint of being psychic.

    But I’m all for her being able to sense psychic potential, because where did that feather come from? It seems like a physical construction and/or representation of Zap’s psychic ability…

  • The feather came out of a booth thing… that had feathers in it (possibly on a bird)… that broke when Zap went all flarey with powerz.

  • John Smith

    The nose knows! :)

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