494 | What the Cat Dragged In

494 | What the Cat Dragged In

September 20, 2010 | 12:09 am, by Pascalle Lepas

Things maybe are not going the best for our scrappy yet lovable pirates. Also, I doodled a little picture for you Zap x Reona shippers. Click it to go see it on my DA page, if that sort of thing interests you.


  • TalonofElysia

    Whoo, Naveed looks awesome, as always.

    How will our heroine get out of -this- one?

  • Ghalail

    Watch it Naveed, you don't want Reona to slip out of her top. ^_^<3

  • Garfalk

    it's the future. there is no slipping-out-of-tops anymore. SCIENCE.

  • Dgeniu

    If morphing her arm into the canon doesn`t take too long, Reona could blast her way out of this one :D

  • I think I just had an “evilgasm”. Naveed is awesome as usual. :3

  • Nick

    Why Naveed, she is there to make sure that certain spaceship went boom :)

  • Actually, I might go so far as to say that Naveed has never looked better!


  • I wonder if that cybernetic hand is any stronger than a normal hand? If so, she's in a great position to crush Naveed's wrist right about now …


  • Naveed's arm and leg guards are metal.

  • Nico

    That last frame, if taken out of context, is just plain hot!

  • Oh. Well, no wrist crushing, then. ;)

    (I suppose a slight shift of her grip could still break a few of Naveed's fingers, though … )

  • Thrudd

    Just because they are metal doesn't mean something designed to ward off cutting blows cant be crushed like a pipe .. oh wait, arm guards are technically pipes with hinges and latches that make them easy to take off but also weaken then with respect to crushing forces. There is also the thing about that arm being “repaired” just because the blaster is uber dangerous doesn't mean there are no other bonuses built in.

  • Well, it is Stickle tech, so it almost certainly has a self-destruct option that will make a rather large boom.

    (Probably not the best option to use here, but always an option … )


  • Zepher

    careful robot! i only see fire and water holdin those pirates! watch out behind joo! IT'S A TRAP!

  • and risk hitting her pirate friends? Oh noes!

  • *splashes cold water on Nico*

  • SpringLoaded12

    There's an older page where Zap is having a dream sequence and in it, Reona is wearing this dress/robe and the tassels are either being blown by the wind really weirdly, or floating, and we had this long discussion about new clothing technology that allowed such. It was cool.

    But yeah, I was thinking Reona might lose her top given the last panel. It's gonna rip :O

  • SpringLoaded12

    Apparently in the future, no one wears a bra XD

  • Masakrier

    zomg ginger midrift, yay!

  • Vic

    If one day Naveed have little kitties can you send one of then for me? I just hope they grow up like their mama xD

  • Am I just wishful-thinking here, or…

    …are Naveed and Reona wearing matching hot pants? :D

  • steelers_dad

    Was just thinking the same thing as Walt…

  • John Smith

    Starship? What starship?

  • Graywolf7902000

    Just shoot her feet. Plasma and Zap shielding will do the rest.

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