565 | Zap in a Tube

565 | Zap in a Tube

January 15, 2012 | 8:39 pm, by Pascalle Lepas



  • Switch

    Looks great!  Also, little typo, you meant “We’re becoming” or “We’ve become”  I’m liking where I’m seeing Effy go.

  • Quickrime

    Unless its a subtle reference to the famous Oppenheimer / Bhagavad Gita quote, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” “Am” and “are” are both present tense, so there’s a strong parallel in the structure there.

  • NB

    Why isn’t he naked?
    “Luckily we—WHAT?!”
    “In the healing tank, I always thought you needed to be nude…”
    “What?! Why would think you think that?
    “You know…to absorb…all the healing juices…”

  • Anonymous

    the little tech head sitting in the 3rd row of the movie theater that is my mind is screaming something at the screen about  “all your base are belong to us”

    the rogue scholar in the fifth row is mumbling something about “cowardice” “heroism” and “battlefields”

    the little kid in the back is screaming “DOWN IN FRONT” to the mechanic sitting directly ahead of him.

    the usher just hit the little kid with his flash light and is telling everyone to shut up and it is not a typo but a clever reference to a piece of literature and has been sparsely used for decades.

    crap, the projectionist is glaring at us,…time for a popcorn run.

  • Milknut

    Perhaps he just meant that they hate people with poor grammar.

  • Anonymous

    you are my hero. *bows in worship of your awesome mind*

  • Ramification

    *cue imperial march music*

  • Psionicost

    Bit of buyer’s remorse there Effrem?

  • Glasshouse

    Is zap gonna sprout claws and subcome to a crazy beserker rage and promptly kill everyone in the base before making his escape and then forgeting everything about his past……again?

  • RG

    Really enjoying the colors of this page…  Cool light effects going on.

  • Safyrejet

    OK, so I know “run drill theta” is more akin to run a fire drill sorta thing.  But some part of me is imagining some giant shiny chrome power tool of death thing that the all the red shirt goggled minions are assembling to plug in and turn on. 

     Also I’ll say it.  Red shirts, those are the useless expendables assembled there, aren’t they…Poor company B.

  • I just had a “Spartacus” moment with panel 2 there.
    “I’m the real Cyclops!”
    “No, I’m the real Cyclops!”

    Well, I guess if they’re all dressed like Cyclops, they did become everything they hate? XD

  • Maybe PSYCHIC healing tubes don’t work that way… ^w^

  • I heartily agree

  • XD I doubt it. Zap is nothing like Wolverine



  • Wait… now, WHO is this guy in the tube again? It’s… like a distant memory in the back of my mind….. OH YEAH, it’s only the protagonist of the ENTIRE STORY WHICH IS EVEN NAMED AFTER HIM!
    Short version: Calle, I’m SO glad Zap is back among us ^_^

  • Well, like I said last update, you’ll be disappointed in the amount of ‘back’ he is…

  • Stev

    I think I see where this is going.

  • Thanks! I think the green lighting will make for a really eerie setting, which is just perfect for the content of this scene.

  • You should say what you think so we can see if you’re right next week!

  • Anonymous

    *holds up hand* 

    oooh,  oooh,…me, me, me !!

    you see, first the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat and they all died….

    wait, wrong story.

     I believe gunner’s intent is to reprogram zap to be his personal bartender because we all know that bartenders are full of great advice and information. then once he has the information about more lost ones he will systematically arrange for his army of crown wearing Geordi La Forge copies to be placed in charge of the engineering department of all GEF ships in order to facilitate telekinetic teleportation infiltration of underwear gnomes into all ships carrying humans in order to aquire undergarments thus throwing the crews into a state of confusion whilst the Gnomes use the pilfered underwear to clog the cooling systems to the fusion reactors causing an uncontrolled meltdown and destruction of said human carrying ships. at which point the Laforge clones destroy the ships they are on by sabotage.

    unfortunately the plan goes awry as gunner and naveed take too long indulging in one another and Robot contacts his manufacuring line cousin vincent to dissable the security systems and assist efrem and reona in rescuing zap and escape, kasey sabotages the crowns remotely by implanting a code so that when the self destruct order is received, the Laforge copies, instead of destroying the reactors, they turn the fusion cores into giant rotating glitterballs.  the gnomes are still transported onto ships containing humans but instead of sabotaging the reactors the gnomes use the escape pods to flee with the purloined undergarments and use them to build their own moon…..
    step 3..???

    gunner and naveed finally finish their bedroom gymnastics and find that their plans are crushed….and decide to give up and return to the bedroom to perfect the telekinetic tail tickler technique.

    zap builds a bar on the excelsior and captains the ship from there.

    Robot – XR743-9Q accidentally merges personalities with the excelsior’s AI and afterwards immediately hacks the Zappos site, stealing thousands of shoes.

    efrem disappears but is seen years later with an new identity and erased memory on a ship called the palomino.
    the last known contact from the palomino suggests they were investigating a mysterious ship parked dangerously close to a black hole.

    but thats just my opinion, i could be very very wrong.

  • Daniel Kauwe

    poor zap…he tried so hard

  • Theinen

    bwahahahhahhaaa!!! TFS DBZA reference ftw!

  • Anonymous

    cuz wet clothes are icky and in a medical setting, there is no need for modesty

  • ASP

    Who indeed? Like the title drop though, lol jk

  • Trashbandit

    Or Project Alice

  • Blackout

    Zap in a tube? Is that anything like prince albert in a can?

  • I thought it was because of how hard it is to get bacta out of clothing

  • and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter?

    Lawlz… >=D

  • Speedy Marsh

    Psychic in a jar. The newest low energy light source. Available in a wide range of colors.

  • Speedy Marsh

    It has nothing to do with medicine, and everything to do with the rating of the movie/show/comic.
    Btw, I love the fact that the helmet has to be pointy to fit over his hair. I always wondered if his hair was solid like a rhino horn.

  • Speedy Marsh

    You must be psychic. You either figured out the rest of this comic, or you found a lost episode of Futurama.

  • Speedy Marsh

    speaking of can, Zap’s been holding it for how many years now?

  • John Smith

    Yeah; you should let him out!

  • Ryan

    So, does Company B have a psychic boogie woogie bugle boy?

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