576 | Mission Reports

576 | Mission Reports

April 1, 2012 | 10:55 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Oh, Reona. What is that face, girl? Is there something the matter with your reports?


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  • Hmm… Could it be that she hasn’t written them yet? 

  • those TPS reports are killer

  • Anonymous

     That’s what I was thinking; that face in the last panel  XD

  • Anonymous

    If Reona is anything like me, there is no way in hell she’s done any.

    paperwork is a joy sucking succubus that slurps all the fun out of life one keystroke at a time….with the signature at the end being your bitter sweet release…..of death.

    on the bright side of things, holly is looking particularly cute sitting there drinking her cup of sugar.

  • There are serious implications here that Holly is amassing some sort of male harem. Look at all the half naked hot bods congregating under the same sheets! Don’t tell me I’m the first person to think of this! I am? Well, one cannot control the subconscious mind.

  •  You know how she does.

  • Rubens Garcia

     I thought of it too. I just wanted to jump on the fanfiction.

  • Which Galaxy? Phew, that’s a *LOT* of space to cover if they can cross galaxies. :o

  • Ramification

     Lepas, where your avatar gone?

    Reports? Wait, I was supposed to actually write-up all this shit that has happened to me? What are we in high school? You aren’t my literature teacher!

  • avatar: I don’t know. Disqus must have had a database issue and lot my avatar. I just haven’t put it back yet. The default zapling avatars are gone too.

    As for the reports: More info comes up about them over the next couple of pages, but basically they are information submitted back to the resistance headquarters about mission progress and status.

  • Sleel

    I’m just wondering when, between getting jumped on casino station, getting kidnapped by pirates, getting reamed by sea monsters, to be jumped by Psycho-Kitty-Q’uesquese, just when has she had the time to write the reports. And maybe she’s right handed? Makes writing reports tough too, what an insensitive bastard :P

  • Sunphoenix_72

    Well… either Holly is a ‘midnight ravisher’ or from her expression she’s into ‘angry morning sex’.  I notice her…”herem” were not slow to respond! LOL!

  • Einargizz

    “…if we don’t even know what galaxy he’s in.”
    Galaxy? Humanity has spread far enough to have become intergalactic? That’s some serious achievement, right there. The distance needed to travel just to visit the closest neighboring galaxy is around 2.6 million light years. That’s more than 20 times the distance needed to travel from the far end of the Milky way to the other.
    Few science fictions attempt imagining a future where space travel allows travel between galaxies, since the Milky way is usually vast enough to suit the needs of the writer (around 200-400 billion star systems with an estimate of 10 billion planets being inside the habitable zone). Not that it hasn’t been done before. The Andromeda tv series took place in an area spanning 3 galaxies and the Stargate show eventually spanned into the intergalactic range as well.
    Don’t take this as a criticism; I was just surprised by that little info drop.

  • Anonymous

    as Doug once put it….

    ” Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly
    hugely mindboggingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long way
    down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space. “

  • You think Quadrillians come from the Milky Way? :p

  • Einargizz

    Well, why not? Like I said, the Milky way is certainly big enough to allow all kinds of crazy lifeforms to pop up at some remote planet. Just look at those crazy humans. Those hairless monkeys are still struggling with escaping the gravitational pull of their home planet and they already think they own the entire place.

  • Anonymous

    HEY!!,…i resemble one of those hairless monkeys.

    i am beginning to suspect you are a galactic racist.  always running around dangling milky way candy bars in our atmospheres and beaming them away right as we achieve orbit.

  • Speedy Marsh

    And I thought Gunner’s plan was evil…

  • John Smith

    “Reports? Who, me?”

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