600 | Jigs Up

600 | Jigs Up

September 16, 2012 | 10:38 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

HAPPY ZAP! #600! Wowee! I have been drawing this comic for 9 years! Thank you so much to everyone for reading! We just have a couple more story arcs left and I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE REST OF ZAP! <3

To celebrate, here’s a little scribble comic I did about how Holly met Inman.


  • Stev

    600 pages in 9 years? Not bad at all. Could be over a thousand if it updated more than once a week, but then it would be over quicker, which would suck. I’d call that a fair compromise.

    Pascalle, I dunno if you saw my comment on the news post about volume 2 books, but if you haven’t, go look at it. If you have, go look at it again because I told you to :P

  • The all-seeing Pascalle sees all comments, puny mortal!

    I probably won’t be drawing a heavy-metal Zap! poster, but know that your comment made me want to draw Gunner with, like, the MOST eyeliner because I am SUCH A GIRL.

  • Stev

    Well, I was thinking more of an entire comic series similar to the show Metalocalypse just for shits n giggles, rather than a poster, but on second thought it kinda takes a headbanger to make fun of other headbangers. There would be a bunch of in-jokes that would sail over most people’s heads, y’know? Plus it’s hard to capture the atmosphere of drunken hijinks in a drawing (I’m guessing they’d be drunk all the time and just making fun of each other in that comic). You could at least draw him in a leather jacket or something like that (Biker Gunner, there’s a thought). I can’t draw worth a crap, but if I could, I would’ve done all that already. Gunner is my favourite character (and not just because he stole my hairstyle), so he got the spotlight for a while :P

    Anyway, he’s your character, so you can make him look as feminine as you want him to, I guess. Actually, something I’ve wanted to know for a while, is there any reason you gave him super-long hair instead of something like a cueball or a fringe?

  • noisyparker

    Woo! Full responsibility is a lot or responsibility, and we is a lot of people for one person to promise for. What could possibly go wrong, though?

  • There is a reason he has super long hair. It will maybe be explained in the comic. It’s cultural.

  • safyrejet

    “Ya Har?” Most excellent, I love Holly. My compliments to the writer. And the artist of course. Ya’ll make my Monday’s better.

  • MDude

    Next time she steals a crystal ball, she”ll have to try using it it to clairvoyantly find a means of escape. It’s not like psychic powers don’t exist.

  • Not a crystal ball, but a giant pearl from a space clam.

  • You mean a Space Oyster? How would that actually work, anyway …

  • Speedy Marsh

    Has anyone ever called you Spazcalle? Or, more importantly, has anyone ever called you Spazcalle and lived?

  • Speedy Marsh

    I’ve got it! Hair acts as psychic antennas. Gunner’s long hair… Zap’s pointy hair… Efrem’s eyebrows…
    Like Samson, if you cut their hair, they lose their powers!
    Now, if Efrem could just grow his eyebrows a little thicker…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Why do girls have such a thing for oyster’s gallstones anyway? ;)

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