Closing Time

September 28, 2012 | 10:02 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

So, yesterday I was working on outlines and story details, something I do from time to time to make sure that I’m on track with everything story-wise before I draw, and as I was scribbling the outline it really hit me how close Zap! is to being over. I knew we’ve been well over the halfway point for a long time, but I just kept saying to myself “Oh, there’s two arcs left” but there isn’t! Not anymroe!

There’s just one whole story arc left after we finish this one, and this one is starting the uphill climb to the roller coaster finish. I kind of can’t believe it!

Zap! has been a daily part of my life for the past nine years. In that time I graduated high school, went to and graduated college, got jobs, bought a house, and so many other life experiences, but there wasn’t a day that went by were I didn’t think about Zap! in some way. I’ll be honest with you and say that I kind of had a moment when I realized where I’m at in drawing this thing; that I’ll be drawing the ending in the not-so-distant future.

Now, don’t fret about it being over so soon, you guys. It’s still going to take me a couple years to draw through it all, and there’s so many amazing things about to happen in the story, you’re going to love it! I’m so excited to be able to show it to you. I know many of you have been waiting for something very specific to happen, and I just know the wait is going to be worth it for you!

When Chris and I started this comic all those years ago, we thought we’d have a few readers, but I don’t know! I never thought about being here. I never thought we’d go to SDCC or print books or be invited as convention guests. I never thought I’d meet so many amazing people. Some of you have been reading since the beginning and I’m just so grateful! I’ve made friends with some of you and I’m sure there are more of you who are really neat people who I’ll never meet, but I’m still glad you found us and sat down and read this thing. I hope it brought you all as much joy as it has brought me over the years!

I don’t know what spurred this. It’s kind of mushy, I guess. I’m not normally emotional about stuff like this, but I guess this comic has grown to mean a lot to me. I just appreciate all of you, and this experience! I’ve learned so much.

So, as we wrap up the last two story-arcs, I hope you all can take a moment to enjoy your Zap! experience. We’ve still got a few years left together. I think they will be good ones.




  • ExPaladin

    As much as I hate to see a good series end, ending it one day is also respectable. Many webcomics quit in the middle of things for one reason or another, leaving us wondering what could have happened or why things had to end like that.

    Everything must come to an end one day. I hope we get to see the ending with as few regrets as possible.

  • TheGabe

    Been reading since around page 82. I think it was “Elf Only Inn” that brought me here all those years ago. I remember seeing a picture of the first panel of that page and thinking “Whoa, that looks cool”.

    And as it turns out it was, and is, pretty cool.

    Pascalle and Chris, thank you for Zap.

    (Back to lurking. *goes of to stand in a dark corner*)

  • Nanorider

    Thanks! :-D

  • hkmaly

    It’s not only webcomics. I know of several book authors who quit their series in the middle. Like Tolkien for example. So unless you’re immortal, you better plan the series as finite.

  • WOW! You’ve been with us a long time! So glad to have you. :)

  • bob grey

    as sad as it is to have a year long addiction announce its end (dominic deegan anyone? ;-) ) it is better than to have more and more extreme enemies like in lost.
    I’ve “only” been here for a few years but i really like it :-)
    thank you for all the past and coming awesomeness!

  • safyrejet

    I don’t recall when exactly I started reading, but it’s been years. I’m glad to have been along for the journey. One thing I love about webcomics is being able to see the gradual growth and learning of the webcomic artists as they practice and hone their craft. The progression of the character and comic design throughout the years really fascinates me. Partly because I have ambitions to draw out my own story someday. It’s inspiring to me to know that someone can do this, draw a webcomic, and really make it work somehow in a competitive and difficult industry. Usually it seems like the only people who can make it in the graphic novel and publishing industries have to be hard core, well known pros, or people with the right connections. I think it’s amazing how the internet has allowed so many other people to get their stories and art work out there and eventually even published as a successful brand and story.

    It will be sad to see the end of Zap someday, but also exciting. I think stories need to have an end. And I’m really looking forward to the day I can sit down with the whole Zap story, dead tree version, and flip through the pages at my leisure.

  • I agree with the Paz, we love you guys.

  • Stev

    7 volumes in 10-15 years. I love your work ethic :P

    I’ve only been following for a little over a year; I jumped aboard at page 538, just as volume 5 was coming to a close. I think it was a banner ad on Mr. Lovenstein that brought me here; I decided to check it out and here I am. I have no regrets!

    This comic has been the best read I’ve ever stumbled across and I’d hate to see it go, but everything has to come to an end sometime. If you two do decide to do another comic after this, you can bet that I’ll be there (even if you don’t want me to >:D ). Even if you two part ways after this, don’t give up your talents and get a dead-end job at FedEx or something. Keep doing what you’re doing, and good luck with that :)

    Even if the finale is a few years down the road, it’s been an awesome experience on my part as well. Maybe if I’m in San Diego and you guys are doing a Comic Con, I’ll drop in and say hey. For now, I’m gonna re-read the archives instead of going to bed, because why not. Peace.

  • adamas

    storys are better when they end.a lot of good storys have been ruined when the did not know when to quit (one piece, bleach, heroes and i am sure there are others).

  • Bunny

    I’ve been reading since 2005. I found this comic randomly and it is honestly one of the only ones I’ve stuck with for this long! It’s amazing how much you’ve grown as an artist! The story is wonderful as well. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Looking forward to reading the rest :)

  • We always planned to tell a full story, so of course it had to get to the end at some point! But we’ve still got a few years left. :)

  • I’m so glad you found us, Bunny! Thanks so much for sticking with us all these years. :)

  • Aw, Stev! We’ve got a few years left, I just had a moment where I realized that everything that happens from now on leads up to the conclusion of the story! So crazy!

    Thanks so much for reading!

  • I think you’ll really enjoy where we take it. Things are about to get seriously awesome.

  • We’re not done yet, so you’ll get to enjoy us for a few more years yet!

  • :)

  • Dee

    I have been reading this comic for the past couple years now, and i have to say that it’s just purely awesome. You have my respect and not only. I also appreciate that you decided not to leave the readers spacing out about the ending. A lot of great comics shut us off in the middle of the plot. So giving us an ending can be considered a blessing… at least from my point of view. ^^; So… all the best for you two! I’ll stick around till the end and maybe more~ :D

  • I don’t remember exactly when or how I found Zap. It was some time – at least several months, if not more – before the site reset that wiped out all the old comments.

    I will, of course, be with you until the end and beyond; I think a massive archive binge will be in order after the conclusion has been reached. Maybe, someday, my financial circumstances will change and I can actually by some Zap merch; until then I will be content to claim status as the one who coined the term “Zapling”.

    Onward, fellow Zaplings! And don’t forget to VOTE!


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