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October 16, 2012 | 1:17 pm, by Chris Layfield


Hey there, ladies and jellyspoons! In case you didn’t know, Pascalle and I will ┬ábe trying out Kickstarter to get the funding for Volume 3! This will be never before published volume (not an updated reprint) of some of my personal favorite bits of the comic! If you would like to see the video explaining it a bit better (and with the two of us a bit shloshed) check it out HERE!

Now that I’m sure you are just bursting with excitement, I’ll get to the point at hand. I’m trying to finish up the details on our Kickstarter and we were wondering what kind of rewards would you guys like to see for this campaign? Never say we don’t try to make you people happy! Leave a comment here with your ideas.


  • Warder

    I’d like to see a bundle of the books.

  • Like all three? Sounds good.

  • Alexander K

    Good quality PDF bundle of the books at reasonable price for those who don’t have money for the print ones / doesn’t want physical goods / doesn’t want to deal with unreliable post/customs.

  • safyrejet

    I love KS! And I love Zap! It’s like you want me to spend money…

    For items to consider for purchase with the Zap vol 3 book, I would be interested in packages that let us add in purchasing some of the items you have in the store, like your button packs, posters and charms. It’s even better when there’s a KS only item up for purchase, but of course that requires more commitment from you as the artist to make up whatever that exclusive item would be. Maybe a special button pack or sketch.

    KS push goal rewards (to encourage contributors to keep pledging past the minimum the book will print $ level) I like to see include exclusive print items like book marks or posters, maybe a t-shirt or dangly thing like a keychain or necklace. I’ve seen others set push goals by figuring out how much it would cost to make the goal item, like if it would cost $2k to do a quality print run of a special poster, then that push goal is $2k over the initial goal. Then if that $ goal is met, all the backers over a certain amount get the push goal item included. I hope that makes sense. I’m not sure how familiar you are with KS.

    I’ll also mention it helps A LOT if your KS pledge levels include standard shipping costs. That usually covers US and Canada for the KS projects I’ve backed, with the need for international orders to add on some extra amount, like + $10 for int shipping.

  • Plucky Pooka

    All I really want is an Artist Edition of the book as I love getting the sketch. :x

    That said, I might buy prints. I’d love to see a print with all four of the Satellites given that they debut in this book (if I remember correctly). An exclusive to kickstarter print may help drum up support by people who would rather just wait for it to show up in your store.

    Stretch goals are always exciting. I’m not sure what you would reasonably be able to afford as you don’t want them too far apart. Extra pages might be good. Kickstart for the smallest book you would like to create and then create goals to add more pages when you are able to get the pages cheaper due to bulk. If you can afford to throw in prints, that could be fun. Or make it hardcover. Brom added five prints and upgraded the binding in his kickstarter. (However he also pulled in $235k and it going to have the sorest hand ever signing all those books…) A second book of art – sketches, character designs, or whatever, could be cool. Be careful not to give out too much stuff for as free editions. It is hard to reach stretch goals when no one has a reason to increase their pledge.

    I like adds-on, but that seems like they may confuse some people, so you would need to have a good FAQ and a straight forward list of add-ons. The extras like buttons, charms and posters would make nice add-ons. Add-ons work well because they are you aren’t sending things like buttons and charms to people like me who guilty end up tossing them. And add-ons drum up more money for stretch goals or just to get you to the finish line if you are having trouble. Most of the kickstarters I’ve participated in did not have the adds-ons when they initially launched, so you could launch it and see how it goes before adding them.

  • Thanks! some great advice.

  • Thanks! Good stuff!

  • Yeah we were thinking about some PDF stuff for the lower level rewards. You think we should have one for the volume 3 PDF and maybe like one a bit higher for all three?

  • Alexander K

    Why not both? You’re not restricted in the amount of reward levels..

    Though arguably for PDFs it makes little sense to offer just one – UNLESS there was a way to buy previous ones before. Offering just the new books makes most sense for people who already have the old ones.

    I invite you to take a good look at a very successful comic book Kickstarter I’m a proud backer of:

    They had tons of reward levels, and many higher-level physical rewards were complemented with PDFs. There are two reasons for that. First, everyone gets the book at the same time, physical reward backers don’t feel left out. And second, for archival purposes, ebook/tablet reading, etc. PDFs make sense even if you own the paper book.

    Also, note that the digital-only levels were quite competitively priced – only $20 for 2 volumes and side comics. Digital-only bundles in the end accounted for 40% of the backers, so you’ll be reaching to a wider audience.

    Also that Kickstarter may give you an idea of what kind of swag / reward combos people would love to have. I’m not saying all those recipes will work for you, but it’s something to consider.

  • Athenne

    Personally I would be really interested in things space and Zap! themed in addition to the books. (Which I have been holding off on buying-but if you bundle those suckers then they are totally mine.)
    1. A fictional star chart poster showing the general stars/planets/ locations of places in the Zap! universe.
    2. Blankets! Space themed OR Zap! themed. Let’s face it-even tipsy Lepas would design damn nice blankets!
    There’s my two cents I guess. Otherwise I agree with the buttons, charms, exclusive print, ect already mentioned.

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