669 | I've Been Looking for You for a Long Time

669 | I’ve Been Looking for You for a Long Time

December 15, 2013 | 7:35 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

I’ve been waiting to show you this page for a long time.

NEXT WEEK! Two pages! Monday & Thursday! SEE YOU THEN!!


  • Crestlinger

    Plot twist! Gunner detonates the screw ends causing them to fly into Zap’s brain. Game of Thrones style bye-bye.

  • TheCollector

    Two comments, first, I think Zap does in fact have his memory back, just look at his face, he looks wiser somehow.

    And secondly, I’m probably way off base here, but am I the only one who for some unknown reason has a very bad feeling about whats gonna happen next? I mean I dunno, I’m sure I’m wrong, but what if the real Zaps the true villian. Kinda like in Total Recall where the real Hauser was evil.

  • safyrejet

    I think we’ve already seen the real Zap. When he didn’t have the worry of what his psycho best friend was gonna do and the wisdom and burden of being a grown up and a psychic precog, that was him at the beginning of the story. He erased his memory, not his personality. Real Zap is the doofy lovable sweet and a touch on the stupid side guy with floppy sleeves and towering hair we all love.

    (And to be fair, some of that stupid probably came from not remembering things.)

  • Anonymous

    just a future echo of what may come to pass….

    or maybe it’s what i reeeeeeeeeaaally want to happen.

  • http://www.zapcomic.com/ Pascalle Lepas

    A hundred and fifty.

    That’s just my guess though.

  • Anonymous

    You’re the creator! You don’t guess you like, know these things!

  • Andrew W

    Ah, that awkward moment “me too … no I meant you … no I’ve been looking for – oh sod it.”

  • Anon

    Here’s hoping the losing half a right arm deal wasn’t part of the plan

  • Melissa Crowell

    Welp, I knew his word bubble was too hi to be laying down. And this makes a lot more sense then him standing of his own free will.
    The seen with Reaona and Zap is heartwarming though. I am guessing Zap has his memory back now, judging by his line. That’ll be interesting. Of course if he has his memory back, does that mean he’s gonna forget the stuff that happened since the? Because that would be lame. But I don’t see you guys doing that. Well, now that Zap has been rescued and he has his memory back, that means we get exposition now! But…before that can do just one more thing first? RESCUE EFRAM!!!!!

  • Melissa Crowell

    Yeah, you have the (obviously) mot trusted pawn of your freshly deprogrammed, just as strong or stronger then you rival in your possesion, said rival is most likely ticked at you, and you’re going to just off the only peice of leverage you have to keep a one up on this rival? Yeah, hostages are for the desperate, but not every hostage taker is desperate. Some people are just good at tactics and know that offing a pawn of Eframs importance isn’t the best idea right now.
    At least….that had better be the case. He may have some questionable ethics about how he went about performing Zaps tasks, but it is obvious everything he did was for Zaps benefit. I have a soft spot for double agents.

  • danea55

    Holding one’s breath for a week is not a good plan… Just in case anyone else thought it might be a good idea >.< This page made me squee so very much. I feel like such a girl… Gonna go back to holding my breath now…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Nooo Efrem! Just when I thought you might survive, you had to go and gloat! And not just gloat, you made the always fatal mistake of saying, “You lose”. Now Gunner’s gonna break all your molecular bonds. We’re gonna have to start singing Dust in the Wind.

    Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Last one to leave, turn out the lights.

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