679 | Me Dad Died

679 | Me Dad Died

February 16, 2014 | 8:45 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Dang, Holly. Good line. Thumbs up.


Hey! There was a Valentine’s pic up on Friday, and a free wallpaper, so click back and snag if it you want!


  • svartalf

    Both…actually… It’s Zap he’s babbling about.

  • svartalf

    Considering that he, with a swipe of his mind, basically K-Oed the whole army with a flick of thought…

    I don’t know about “doomed”, but the thing is if Gunner DOES try, Zap’s going to pretty much do him in.

  • svartalf

    Yeah, there’s an “all of this for…NOTHING…” aspect to it right at the moment. All of the chess-mastering accomplished what?

    I’m sure we’ll find out in due time here… :-D

  • svartalf

    You Ended it. >:-D

  • haha. I’m super glad at least one other person finds Efrem sympathetic in some day. Most everyone is still on the Efrem hate train! I’m like, he did so much!

  • svartalf

    Oh, I’m not on that hate train, Pascalle…

    With Efrem’s remarks, I’m pretty sure he was in on it all along and knew part of the endgame that Zap done goofed on.

    I question some of the hows and hinted at whys he did what he did, but I suspect that’ll play out in due time here.

  • Kindra Coates

    Look at how elaborate Gunner’s plan to take control of the galaxy was. Look at the steps Zap had to take to stop Gunner. Giving himself amnesia wasn’t an unfortunate side-effect but a feature. Take a good hard look at Gunner’s character.

    Do you really think he’s the type to say “well Zap’s gonna stop me so I better behave?” I think it’s more likely “Let me kill Zap first as much as that hurts, so the stupid not-psychics don’t have a savior.”

  • svartalf

    Yeah, I suspect there’s more to this than just the original plan here.

    He wouldn’t have declared himself a winner if he couldn’t carry through with Gunner’s demise if he didn’t let it pretty much all go.

  • Yeah, the biggest, scariest thing about Gunner is he believes what he is doing is right. So, he’ll keep fighting no matter what.

  • It was a two-goal plan: Meet the girl and stop the bad guy.

    He did one of those things.

  • Kindra Coates

    My bad. When calling Efrem a douche I’m strictly referring to how he treated Reona. Yes, he did his part to save the galaxy from Gunner and possibly the evil government in charge (depending if the generals getting dead was part of the plan or just a happy accident), but he also got Reona, dated her, nearly killed her to cement his place in Gunner’s group only to hand her over to Zap because she’s Zap’s dream girl.

    Luckily Zap won Reona’s heart through his own actions. But Efrem has some douche behavior to answer for. They can be grown-ups and talk about it or Reona can slap him after they’re sure the galaxy won’t implode. Slap, not shoot him with her arm cannon.

    And if it was all because of some psychic prophecy or some such nonsense (that she’s Zap’s dream girl), manipulating people is still not cool.

  • Yeah, I was very careful to make sure that Zap and Reona happened organically. She had to decide that she liked him back. Gunner even tried to get Zap to force her and he refused.

    And yeah, Efrem has some atoning to do. I think the grossest thing he did was see only Reona as the object of Zap’s affections, whereas Zap saw her as someone he could be happy with if he could find her. That is dealt with in this chapter. Jealousy plays a role in Efrem’s actions, it doesn’t excuse it, but it explains it.

    Efrem needs to apologize in a big way, though.

  • This comment makes me happy because on the page I’m drawing Reona is basically asking Zap the exact same thing. (which means we’re on the same page storywise, which always makes me feel good)

  • Kindra Coates

    Can’t wait to see how the characters address it then. :)

  • safyrejet

    My thoughts exactly. I don’t necessarily hate Efrem, not to the point I’d want him hurt or dead, but they way he manipulated Reona (and stole Zap’s girl behind his back) isn’t cool. I recognize he played an amazing role in this master plan to bring down Gunner, but I still don’t like his douche-y behavior about how he handled his relationship with Reona. I think Reona’s the same, which is why she was astonished and concerned over seeing him spiked. She doesn’t want him hurt, but she is mad at him for manipulating her feelings towards him

    In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing this all explained, handled, wrapped up in this final volume. I bet Pascalle is practially bursting to tell everyone all the big secrets she’s been holding on to for all these years.

  • SpiritusUnikura

    So if Zap is the Chess Master of the story, Reona shouldn’t be mad at Efram. Due to the fact that he was taking orders from Zap. So Efram really isn’t the bad guy. Zap is. Zap knew her arm would be chopped off. If Reona grows up to be a big girl and realize Zap chopped her arm off. She will be like How could you Im going back to Efram. blah…! But nobody likes Efram and Reona wears the same clothes everyday. Efram’s like you stinky and Zap is like yeah Ima badass and Reonas like nobody wants me and Zap is like, I like stinky girls. You wanna ride the Zap train. Okay. Ha! I chopped your other arm off. Babe you are almost fully a cyborg. Shes like whyy? Coz’ I dig bots. They dont talk back. Okay! Ahh what a tear jerking story ;(
    ~vous avez été courageux comme un lion~

  • Speedy Marsh

    And, what was the last song played on Formic World Radio?

    It’s the Ender of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    lol….I think you made some good sense here. I do like Efram. Better than Zap.

  • SpiritusUnikura

    Yes! Blue Lasers are better than Green. Pew pew pew!

  • darfyre

    In the last the panel william looks like levi from attact on titan

  • mary

    what a great conversation starter

  • Rexan

    Ooh yeah, you just reminded me. So, with the story wrapping up, I’m wondering if we’re gonna see any more of Gunner’s backstory or not.

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