691 | He Returned

691 | He Returned

April 20, 2014 | 8:21 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

I hope you all appreciate the irony that Zap built the ship to find Reona, but Reona used the ships to find Zap.

Come on back Thursday for another page, why not???


  • Psithief

    I know you wanted someone to say something like this, so:

    Look what the cat dragged in.

    By this point, Naveed has realised clothing is for losers.

  • Canin Christell

    Hiding something on the evil guy’s home world? Taking tips from Obi-Wan, aren’t we Zap?

  • Psithief

    It’s also the good guys’ home world, at a 2:1 ratio.

    Bubble burst.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • she’s totes naked in an upcoming scene. IDK. That’s just how she is.

  • J S

    Then Naveed arrived and all fell in to worship her.

  • Melissa Crowell

    OOooooo! Interesting! The plot (retroactively speaking) thickens! So many question have built up within this one page, but I shall refrain from asking since, for some reason, several of my questions usually go ignored anyway (though this page did answer one of them….).
    And yes. I totally enjoy the irony of the search requisites. I love irony in general, so….yeah. Fun times.

  • Crestlinger

    All this effort to find her, if anyone Thinks about hurting her now he is going to Lose It.

  • safyrejet

    I’ve often thought clothes against fur might be uncomfortable. I dunno, I can’t say I blame her.

  • safyrejet

    Well how could Gunner not suspect. I mean look at that suspicious face on our hero. I can see it now.

    Gunner: “What?! Where? Where did the ships go?! Don’t tell me you lost an entire fleet of psychic ships.”

    Zap: “Ships, what ships? Ooooh, yeah those ships. The ships that I spent all that time building to perfect so I could search the universe to find this girl of my dreams who I’m totally obsessed with finding; SO obsessed with in fact I completely forgot I had friends who were still hurting and turning all dark and kill the universe and stuff. You mean those ships?”

    Gunner: -___- “Yes. Those ships.”

    Zap: “GEF confiscated them. And I totally didn’t put up a fight against them. Nope not me. Didn’t lift a psychic finger to stop them from stealing my heart’s desire and life’s work. Ships are gone. Non-psychics have them. We’ll never get them back. *pshaw* No I’m totally not lying to you.”

  • safyrejet

    Actually I hadn’t thought of that irony, myself. So glad Pascalle pointed it out for those of us who are slow on the connecting points in the story.

  • safyrejet

    And she was totally bored with it.

  • The Aquarians really need to put that ship in a garage or something. Wouldn’t want the villians to find it and force the heroes to blow it up. :3

  • Z

    i doubt they did…after all, it was disguised as a temple, remember?

  • Speedy Marsh

    The whole kitty caboodle?

  • Speedy Marsh

    Well, this could explain how Gunner and Naveed got together. If Efrem liked her first, Gunner would steal her, just to spite him. Not that Gunner had ever noticed her before.

  • sunphoenix

    Sweet! Need to see more of Naveed and Gunner kissing…just cause it embarrasses him so! :)

  • We’ve already seen how Gunner and Naveed met:

    She was training with them here: http://www.zapcomic.com/2014/03/686-tools/

    and became Gunner’s partner here: http://www.zapcomic.com/2014/03/687-i-wanted-out/

    The make-outs happened off-screen, I suppose.

  • Or if anything thinks about hurting HIM, SHE’S going to lose it.

  • There is more Gunner/Naveed kissing in an upcoming scene.

    There’s actually Gunner and Naveed the whole shebang coming up. :3

  • *shakes fist at pun*

  • Speedy Marsh

    I knew they were already working together. I just figured that Gunner’s Hindenburg sized ego would prevent him from seeing Naveed in that way, until Efrem started to show an interest. I suppose this could be before his ego swelled to match his hatred.
    I guess what really attracted Gunner to her was her feline tendency to play with her prey, before going in for the kill.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Hey, just be glad I avoided the more obvious puns, in order to maintain a sense of decorum. I could have mentioned the feline’s feline, or something along those lines. I thought, “the whole kitty caboodle”, was rather… tame.

  • Nicole Katic

    hm…. we haven’t seen any other of her race around, so who’s to say that isn’t traditional clothing for her species? XD just a thought.

  • There have totally been other Felinians in the background as extras throughout the series.

    They all had clothes. :p

  • safyrejet

    Isn’t the guy who takes the other guy’s girl interest role already filled? By Efrem? I dunno, Gunner’s twisted and all but I don’t think he’s the type to take something just to spite someone or anything. If he’s interested in something(someone) he takes, if not he couldn’t care less. That’s how I read him.

    Efrem seems more like the type who seeks approval from others or borrows his queues on social structure from those around him. Efrem’s a follower, he tries to fit in with others. That actually fits well with his “empath” power. Gunner is a leader, he blazes his own trail and doesn’t care if he leaves a bloody mess behind from those who got in his way.

  • Melissa Crowell

    I have a habit of noticing the little things, so much so that I tend to over analyze situations. Then, once that happens I wind up getting on peoples nerves.

  • Speedy Marsh

    I love panel 2. It looks like the back yard of a spacefaring redneck.

  • Speedy Marsh

    And, a few months later… psychic kittens!

  • Speedy Marsh

    I guess I’m just making myself think the worst about Gunner. It’s easier to think of him as pure evil with ulterior motives for everything, than it is to think of him as a guy who’s had a hard life and made bad decisions. If I feel compassion for him, then it will hurt to watch him make such terrible choices.
    Just imagne how painful it’ll be for Efrem. Speaking of Efrem, I wonder what he sensed that was so important, that it made him come back? Or, is this when he wipes Zap’s memory to keep Gunner from finding the ships?
    *uses psychic powers to see pages Pascalle has already drawn*
    Oh! Wow! Awesome!

  • Speedy Marsh

    That’s half the fun. I love coming up with crazy theories and posting them. It’s really funny to look back later, and see how wrong I was. Maybe once in a double blue moon, I even get something right.

  • Nicole Katic

    heh heh ;3

  • Nicole Katic

    and gaaaah, something on the edge of my mind that i’m wondering but can’t quite put to words… so here goes…

    ok, so zap’s whooole reason for building the ships, besides finding more of his home planet’s people was to find reona, for whatever other reason, than the killing of people, efram runs off, and what a cooinky-dink, he goes and gets the ship zap hid, and somehow finds it, then takes off and FINDS reona, and even has a relationship with her, AND THEN, returns? I’m wondering the real reason zap’s memory was wiped, did gunner send naveed to find efram, then knowing about zap’s obsession, but then.. ugh… but then, gunner would talk about how awsome and powerful zap was, which he is, but he isn’t anywhere like how gunner is, so if he knew zap didn’t really want to fight then, why if zap’s memory was wiped, making him forget about reona, or a reona like girl, would gunner WANT zap to go back to how he was before, and remember reona, and not want to do gunner’s plans of domination???? ugh.. i hoped this made some sense…. @[email protected];;

  • Okay! I can outline this for you!

    When Efrem fled the GEF he fell in with the resistance and went about as a rebel for awhile. It seemed like the right place for him, he and Justin became good friends. Then one day Taddoran and Kiryu return to Base with a new ship they found after they crash-landed on a deserted planet; it’s Excelsior. (some of this is gone over on the next page so I’ll gloss over it) Efrem becomes captain of Excelsior with Grontar as his mechanic. He turns off Excelsior’s visualization to keep her hidden and literally serendipitously stumbles onto Reona at the casino.

    He likes her! She’s likeable! They have a relationship after she joins the resistance, but then Efrem gets a mission to kill Naveed. He knows Naveed, and he knows he has Zap’s dream girl. What’s a kind of bad friend to do at this point? Maybe not kill one friend’s girlfriend, and tell the other friend where his dream girl is. Things do not go perfectly. He didn’t want Reona’s arm to get cut off, but what can you do?

    Gunner suspected Zap was lying to him about things, but he never suspected that Zap wanted to abandon what he thought was their shared drive to destroy the GEF. So, when Naveed erased Zap’s mind and dumped him off, Gunner was furious and assumed Naveed did it out of jealousy. Gunner dropped everything and went after Zap, which is kind of a nice thing and maybe the nicest thing he did in the entire series.

    But, he was really put-off by the new ingenue-esque Zap and he wanted to make sure his Zap was still in there. It wasn’t until recapturing Zap, and Zap’s continued concern for Reona that Gunner realized Zap had really changed. (After the whole thing on Aquaria he realized Zap had played him for a fool.)

    I think all of this stuff sort of makes more sense if Zap! gets read in one big chunk. It is definitely a complicated and intricate plot that has taken ten years to unfurl, so I don’t blame anyone for not being totally clear on it.

  • sunphoenix

    Reona is more than just likable.. she’s dead sexy too! In her cute petite driven red-head way! :)

  • Haha! One thing I like about Reona is that she’s uncomfortable with being outwardly “sexy,” without being a prude. It’s just not in her personality.

    It’s probably why I haven’t drawn her doing anything sexy ever. She wouldn’t do it!

  • chrisbrady

    The whole ‘Kitten Caboodle’, you mean.

  • Marduk

    Panel 4: That look you give someone when you’re sure they stole the sandwich you kept in the fridge

  • Speedy Marsh

    I suppose I should have used that, but I kinda like making people think a little for their puns. Plus, referring to Naveed in her all-in-all as a kitten just didn’t sound right.

  • chrisbrady

    As a French Canadian, who loves his wordplay, the point of a pun is to make sound as close to the word or phrase used as possible.


  • chrisbrady

    For the record, Dagohbah was Yoda’s world. Obi-Wan went to Tattooine and hid at the far edges of the Galaxy.

  • Canin Christell

    I was more talking about how Obi-Wan hid Luke on Vader’s home world of Tatooine.

  • chrisbrady

    Fair point. I didn’t put the correlation together. Sorry about that.

  • ^^^^^^^^ FAKE GEEK GUY ^^^^^^

  • chrisbrady

    You just love picking on me, don’tcha? XD

  • safyrejet

    Oh be nice, it’s up to use uber geeks to tutor, teach, and encourage starting geeks. ;P

  • “widdle babbe geek fink he knows ’bout Star Wars??? I bet he just likes it because of the pretty girls!”

  • safyrejet

    What a wrap up! I do think that Efrem in an…let’s say, interesting spot. On the one hand he’s stumbled into finding one friend’s dream girl, but he’s run away from the GEF and gets orders to kill the other friend’s girl. Actually I’ve as much as I get down on him for shacking up with Reona even though he knew Zap was looking for her, I gotta give him props for pulling off such a tricky double double cross, and on someone like Gunner to boot.

  • Efrem always got the short end of the stick!

    Sure, he shacked up with Reona, but he legit liked her. It’s not like Zap wanting to find her negates Reona’s interests in relationships, specifically one with him. Here was Efrem’s chance to make a go at having something good for himself. I think it probably ate away at him though, bothered him. He knew what he was doing and how it would look. Then everything blew up in his face and he tried to help Zap and make it right.

    And once again he gets pushed out of the limelight.

    I think about Efrem a lot. I know everybody hates him, but I just think he’s so sympathetic and relateable if you look at it from his perspective.

    And he’s really really brave, sneaking around Gunner to help Zap when he knows he’s not strong enough to even protect himself from Gunner if it came down to it; hoping his Empathy will last long enough for Zap to come back for him. woof.

  • Speedy Marsh

    …till she started killing the worshipers who didn’t bring catnip.

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