697 | What Was Missing

697 | What Was Missing

May 14, 2014 | 10:08 pm, by Pascalle Lepas



  • Nicole Katic

    first! :D and d’aww, beautiful last frame :D

  • Derkins

    Wait. What did I just miss? Robot is *smiling*? Did he just activate the memory chip?
    But yeah, the last panel is lovely.

  • sunphoenix

    Yep… that is a smile.

    Last Cell –

    “It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid, or the soul-less.”

  • sunphoenix

    …and {Because I’m a hopeless romantic..}

    There were bells on the hill
    But I never heard them ringing,
    No, I never heard them at all
    Till there was you.

    There were birds in the sky
    But I never saw them winging
    No, I never saw them at all
    Till there was you.

    And there was music,
    And there were wonderful roses,
    They tell me,
    In sweet fragrant meadows of dawn, and dew.

    There was love all around
    But I never heard it singing
    No, I never heard it at all
    Till there was you!

  • safyrejet

    Soooooooo, Robot did want his memories back. But he just didn’t want to give Zap the satisfaction of seeing him smile.

    Looks like the mean part of his personality is still there. My guess: he’s gonna keep his happy smiley side hidden away in check.

  • trashbandit

    Happiness. Robot was missing happiness.

  • Ali

    Obviously the robot is going to remember something. But still I can’t believe all these stories were accidents. I had a little hope they were arranged rather than random. Well, Eferem had had some instructions to disable the vis or remove the mem. No???

    And I liked the funny robot before memory install…

  • trashbandit

    I think the author has shown that pretty much everything that Zap has done throughout the comic has been deliberate – especially with the reveal over the last few strips. Zap saw the future, 1 chance, and ran to it. Maybe you missed a few slides with all the extra updates we’ve been getting?

    Chris and Paz – thanks for all the extra updates lately. Luv u!

  • Shadowmerc

    i take it robot is going from being a sarcastitron to a funbot.

    the real question is, will this change his whole view of kasey?

  • Damiano Cassese

    Great work, great work as always!! I’m always enjoying reading your comic, thank you!

  • Crestlinger

    Chip installation complete. Serotonin-imitating circuits Online.

  • Robot looks creepy with a smile. D:

  • sunphoenix

    Actually .. I think not. I think Robot will fully embrace the role that he was programmed for in light of his memories accumulated without his memories chip. I think he will be serious, helpful, dedicated and self-sacrificing… with the hint of ironic humor from his history of fussiness in interacting with the Crew of Daedelus. I think he will poke fun at his old-previous role with the crew…but it will mostly be a somewhat smarmy-sardonic om-age to his previous personality. He will not fail to be prickly when he was before… but it will be in light of the fact he is intentionally doing so in true jest and not in actual meant in true sentiment.

    At least that what I think…Lepas could floor us all with something different.. and that would be just as good if not better! :)

  • It’s coo, skinny pirate, that’s how Robot says “Thanks, bro!”

  • aw man, Kasey is super over Robot! Read through the archives again and pay attention to her!

    During the finale of the Pirate arc he runs over and grabs her and she’s just like GET OFF THANKS.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Speedy Marsh

    He’s not “the new iPhone” to her anymore.

  • Speedy Marsh

    I know his smile shouldn’t make my skin crawl, but it does. Maybe it’s because he reminds me so much of Bender (Futurama).

    It is nice to see him happy, though.

  • Speedy Marsh

    It must be serious, if she feels that way about someone with no electronic parts.

  • safyrejet

    Yeah, I agree with sunphoenix. I don’t think the installation of robot’s “old happy” memories is going to overwrite anything and null and void his mean sarcastic self. I mean look at the first word bubble out of his mouth, “stupid pirate”. And he totally waited until the meatbags were out of sight before he got all sentimental looking at his hands, thinking, and finally smiling. He can be sarcastitron still.

  • Christer Johnsson

    Well here is the proof
    that Robot was “the nicest robot of all”!

    Of drunkards and children, you hear the truth.

  • Amadeus

    Man i Love ur comic, i read it all in one week sadly its the last volume :/

  • Hey, thanks! You found it just in time for the end, at least!

  • you get all the points!!

  • Speedy Marsh

    Now that he no longer has the constant frustration of missing his earlier memories, he feels whole again, and ‘Grumpy’ will probably no longer be his default mood.

    His fellow crew members will probably intentionally annoy him, when his smile gets too creepy for them. XD

    Zap won’t have to try. He’s always doing something that’ll frustrate Robot.

  • This extra update was brought to you by me trying to make sure the RSS feed was working again. :)

  • sunphoenix

    “Bite my shiny metal can…!”

  • Thanks! Sorry you got here so late in the game, but you got to read the comic in the, what I consider, best method and thats all the way through. Now you can enjoy the end with all the rest of the Zaplings! Hope you enjoy what we have as the final course!

  • ShockwaveLover

    “I know now…I must kill them all…”

  • chrisbrady

    I think the main reason Robot’s so pissy all the time was that he ‘knew’ that a piece of him was missing.

  • ShadeTail

    That happened to me with Darken. I found it at the very end of the second-to-last chapter. That rather annoyed me, but at least Mrs. Ashwin has a new(ish) production to take its place.

    Speaking of which, any new plans of your own that will go up once this one is over?

  • Yeah, Kate’s great! I did the purple Darken logo for her. :)

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