714 | Together

714 | Together

July 23, 2014 | 11:13 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Not even gonna argue with her.

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  • Marduk

    Up in the sky

  • Speedy Marsh

    Wait… Did he say “Okay” because he respects her, or because he knows that she was gonna go no matter what he said?

  • I think he respects her BECAUSE he knows she’s going to go anyway…

  • Astralfury

    Taking the presidential palace apart brick by boring brick (insert paramore song link here) would be my bet. Possibly sat on any throne it has.

  • Speedy Marsh

    It’s a turd! It’s a pain! It’s Psycho Psychic!

  • Huh, passing that blockage really WAS that easy…

  • Psiberkiwi

    Both – but probably more of the second.

  • Canin Christell

    “They let us go. It was the only reason for the ease of our entry.”

    “Easy? You call that easy?”

    “They’re tracking us.”

    “Not this ship, sister.”

  • safyrejet

    Well our little Zap is learning fast. You don’t argue with your dream girls. *sniff* Our boy’s growing up….

    I rather like panel 3. He’s got a cute sorta fragile charm going on there.

  • Nice, a Spaceballs reference. :D

  • Marduk

    I’m surprised they didn’t have data on their ship itself by now. But I’ll just use Occams Razor and say a momentary lapse of judgement that let them through.

    Or Zap totally jedi mind tricked them into letting them through

    ‘We are not the Rebels that you are looking for.”

  • Canin Christell

    Imma assume you’re joking and move along with my life.

  • safyrejet


  • Wow, that’s hilarious. Here I was totally catching your Star Wars reference, but I typed “Spaceballs”. Haha, that’s what happens for watching Spaceballs the night before reading this comic. :3

  • chrisbrady

    Until she ends up dead because she’s messing with something too powerful, because she couldn’t leave him be.

  • Mike

    Agreed, she’s far from helpless but going into battle against a psychic while not being psychic yourself is probably like charging a gunman with a stick. Brave perhaps, but not likely to improve your lifespan.

  • Crestlinger

    …a tattoo artist.

  • safyrejet

    Except it was Reona who ended up breaking Gunner’s hold on Zap. Yes it was because Zap had built a protection into her, so in a long way around it was Zap’s power beating Gunner’s. But it took Reona and Zap loving each other enough to make that real and Reona had to take that stand to step up (or step off that cliff) and free Zap of her own will and choice.

    The way I’m reading this all, Zap and Reona are stronger together because they have each other. And that’s an important thing to have in a relationship I think. Zap’s learned that. Maybe he could stand up to Gunner alone, but really Zap is strongest with Reona, because of Reona.

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