747 | Hold It Together

747 | Hold It Together

September 28, 2014 | 10:07 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Hekkio

    Oh. Oh no no no nooooooo. HANDS. NOOOOOOOO!

  • Be strong! Be strooooong!!!!

  • safyrejet

    Oh that was close. Don’t pull an Efrem on Reona!

    But still, that’s a nice touch. Shows that even for Zap, there’s limits to his power. Fighting Gunner, and giving Gunner a chance to live, did take a toll on Zap.

  • Mike

    What if the psychic army goes to take revenge on the humans now? Kinda reminds me of the end of Buffy where all the potential slayers become slayers. What if you just gave like 300 girls/women who were psychos super powers?

  • Aerotendo

    Having just been enslaved and used horribly, I kinda doubt that they’d go on doing evil stuff. If anything, they’ll probably help restore order, clean up the messes and apologize.

  • … You don’t really get people, do you?

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