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Zap! 664 Kickstarter Cameos

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Issue # 664 has cameos from two of our generous and awesome kickstarter backers! Thanks so much, Luke and James! They got to pick between GEF soldier and Psychic soldier. It was super fun to turn them into Zap! universe characters. We’ve got one more cameo coming up! P.S. We’re finally making progress on the […]

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

HEY FRIENDS! This weekend (AUG 2-4) Chris and I will be at Tokyo in Tulsa! Come find us in the Artist Alley! We’ll have Zap! 1 and 2 (3 is being printed sooorrrryyyy!!!), posters, other Zap! stuff and also our smiling faces. So, come see us and get a drawing or whatever! If you want! […]

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

I’ll be doing a livestream tonight around 8-9pm central. I’ve got a webcam setup now, so you can ask me questions while I work! On the agenda for tonight is color correcting Zap! volume 3 pages and inking/laying flats on the page of Zap! I’m working on. I’d love for you to come by and […]

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Volume 7 Arts!

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Volume 7 is coming up. The final chapter! I’m excited and sad all at the same time. And proud, too, I guess! I can’t believe I’m going to draw the whole thing. Here’s some promo art for Volume 7. Thanks so much for reading all these years, everyone! P.S. Happy ten year anniversary! Zap! started […]

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Livestreaming page 628

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

I’m about to start drawing page 628! You can watch me and we can chat! Watch live streaming video from lepas at EDIT: STREAM OVER! Thanks for coming out! I will probably stream coloring this page soon! Check back!

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616 Desktop & Art

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

As requested: Here is the last panel of issue 616 at 100%, so you can use it as a desktop background if you want. And an artwork I previously posted on my Tumblr. I forget most of you don’t go there, so you might not have seen it! :)

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The Journey Ahead (Kickstarter)

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

  Well, many of you know by now that our First Kickstarter campaign is officially over and while we didn’t reach our stretch goals, we hit the goal that really mattered! Volume #3 is going to be made and its all thanks to you! Whether you pledged money or you spread the word, ever little […]

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You Guys Made It Happen!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

You guys rock! In case, you didn’t see, we reached our Kickstarter goal! You backers have been fantastic, and so have you peeps who helped spread the word. Volume #3 is happening because of you guys. But wait, there’s more! Now we’re aiming for stretch goals! What Kind of stretch goals? How about adding creator […]

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Kickstarter is GO!

Monday, November 5th, 2012

  KICKSTARTER!!!! So, yeah, this is happening, folks. The Kickstarter for Volume 3 prints has launched! We’re super excited about this and hope you all get a chance to pledge and get great rewards. If you can’t (don’t worry, we understand) then you can help out by telling everyone you know about it! Twitter, Facebook, […]

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Podcast Tonight!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Hey all you Zaplings out there! Pascalle and I are going to be on the Moonhawk Studios Podcast tonight and we’ll be talking, and chatting, and answering questions and just generally being heard by peoples’ ears. We hope to see you all there. CLICK ME! You can watch live via LiveStream even! We’ll be starting […]

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