164 | Get Used to Him

164 | Get Used to Him

February 7, 2004 | 9:31 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Zap, you’re not helping your case any.


  • Formula_410

    Even hundreds of years into the future, Snoop Dogg's greatest legacy lives on. I dunno about you guys, but I'm touched.

  • Strike_Reyhi

    Zap Doggy Dogg

  • jaded_death

    I’m sorry, but Zap is just way too damn white…

  • Yo

    ^ I’m with him. White boy ain’t got swagg.

  • If you’re with him, then why didn’t you reply to him?

  • Trololo…

    This @8bf7d2432991ffd9404fbc6551c23929:disqus person that has commented below, sounds like an excessively white, rich teen from the suburbs, desperately trying to pass himself off as part of a traditionally downtrodden minority, in a vain attempt to gain at least a semblance of character. All thanks to the internet’s vaunted anonimity. This ruse is, however, fairly transparent, due to his usage of stereotypical afro-american vocabulary and grammatical structure. In short: White boy ain’t got swag… =)

  • How do you explain white kids acting like that in person, though?

  • gill

    Oh, is that what the odd double syllabled hizz ouse is all about?

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