422 | Remember Remember

422 | Remember Remember

April 27, 2005 | 11:05 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Sousho

    Maybe, when Zap regains his memory and his master plan has been completed, he'll be all like “just as planned sucker!” to Gunner and the GEF. And then he and Reona will live happily ever after. And have cute babies.

  • Photi

    Will their babies also have hatchling hair symbiotes?

  • Krysti_90

    I'd be really disappointed if they didn't.

  • Yo

    Only they’ll be red instead of blond.

  • Yo

    Only they’ll be red instead of blond.

  • Shiroganekaze

    Guess mi earlier question was ansawred, the blue lady is an actual character, not just random Art material.

  • Whatisbiscuit

    …who’s the blonde girl, mom or former love interest?

  • Marduk

    Her hair has the same color so i’m betting he’s related until further notice.

    Also, epic exposition, i’m dying to see what happens next. Only advantage of catching up with a webcomic is breezing through it without no hitches. I would have loved to see these as they came out though.

  • Drake

    third panel is….AWSOME(looks like you were right Shiroganekaze she is an actual character, or looks like it also could be only a “fast-second” character)

  • The second panel feeds my inner sadist! Blood spattered on teenage Zap and Gunner! MUA-HA-HA-HA!!!

  • Also, because I couldn’t resist considering the title of this page:
    “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
    I think of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.”

  • LdaQuirm

    Blue haired girl makes me think of a muse.
    Also: “Nah sa le ohta.” = ?

  • Daniel Kauwe

    …this is both very beautiful and very sad and…evocative¬†

  • “Nah sa le ohta” roughly means “Don’t cry”

  • Negatron

    Did you just pull a spanish inquisition!? Why yes, I think you did!

  • Daniel Kauwe


  • Negatron

    Monty Python gag, look it up you’ll understand what I meant.

  • Daniel Kauwe

    yes – i get the reference but i was more wtf’ing on being compared to them but hey, “No one expects…”

  • Benji

    red hair funny nose no need for a dna test on those kids

  • Negatron

    The reason for my comparison is because you said both (indicating two things), and then proceeded to enumerate three things. Reminded me of the Inquisitions “two chief weapons” (
    fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency =)

  • i’ll ruthless efficiency you!

  • Karas2.0

    What language is that from? Or is it…a completely original made-for-the-comic language?

  • It’s for the comic. :)

  • Green Arrow

    Should i be afraid of these comments? Because you are scaring me… *_*

  • John Smith

    “Sometimes I get nervous, but that is rare.”
    –Aki Ra, professional landmine remover [SEE: Cracked.com]

  • gill

    Zap had mad scientist goggles!

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