520 | The Cat's Bark

520 | The Cat’s Bark

March 20, 2011 | 11:47 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Oh, Callisto. Your heart is in the right place, but Naveed is not going to accept your offer.

Here’s a Naveed picture just because! Click the thumb for the full image.

A few things this week! I posted some pictures from Emerald City Comic Con on the Zap! facebook page. Check them out! I had a great time. Zap! shared an endcap with NNFB, L.A.W.L.S., Toilet Genie and Amya. It was a great group!

I sold out of all the squids I brought to the con, which was totally great (Squids are still available in the store)! Thanks so much to all of you who came out, bought a book, sketch, button, whatever, or just came by to say hi. It was really interesting to me that at this particular show, I talked with a lot of fans about Holly. Sometimes you guys aren’t super vocal on who your fan favorites are, but I guess Holly is doing well with you guys. :)

New charm designs in the store! If you like Io, Callisto, Europa, or Ganymede, you can now get a little plastic charm of them.


  • Guess she didn’t have any duct tape…

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed that. She seriously threw her severed arm at Naveed. Shame that Holly’s got bad aim, otherwise Naveed would be little more than Chinese Food.

  • Lenvoran

    I sincerely apologize for what comes next… (Please don’t kill me!)

    That was a bit under-handed of Reona. She stumped Naveed and Holly used the opportunity to sword out the situation. Well. Maybe that’ll saber in the end, but it’s still not nice to cutlasses.

    Hmm.. Perhaps some armistace could be arranged? They could all disarm themselves and get along nicely! Though maybe not. Naveed has always been a bit catty while Molly can occaisionally be a bit pirate.

    *Coughs and walks away*

  • You’re hired!

  • Lenvoran

    …For puns?
    *Pinches self*
    Alright… Cue musical score.
    *Dances off into the night*

  • RadBaron

    “oh come on!”
    “Who throws a SHOE in this day and age?”

    And I’m guessing that Reona is literally left-handed, as that was quite a throw.

  • Anonymous

    So, when are the satellites going to join the good guys?

    What? It’s a good plot device. Sure, it’s been done, but you guys can do it better.

  • Well, Holly has good aim, but Naveed mostly dodged at the last minute.

  • Doesn’t the hand include a potentially volatile power source and may blow up spectacularly? I seem to recall the maker saying that in a highly foreshadowed scene.

  • Nick

    “Let me lend you a hand” would also have made for a good title :)

  • Sonicfreak

    FINALLY! Now if had hit her square in the face XD

  • Sean

    That’d have to be one really shallow cut if Naveed isn’t bleeding like crazy.

  • Thrudd

    Cue: Face Palm.

  • JimboTheMagnifico

    “you put your right hand in…”

  • Andypolky

    she could be the next king of Ireland with a hand throw like that

  • Sunphoenix_72

    I don’t think Holly was aiming for her leg… she was swinging for her head which Naveed avoided. The leg cut was incidental!

  • Mujaki

    Let’s give him a hand, folks!

  • Gillsing

    I think it may be time for Naveed to take this fight seriously. Come on, Naveed, what would Gunner think if he… Oh. Given that he’s a psychic, he’s probably already seen this in his visions. Time to be serious cat!

  • …then we could do Alien jokes! ;)

  • Guest

    I hope this arc ends soon, I’m beginning to forget why they’re on this planet in the first place. something about a spaceship?

  • Nick

    “Hush. Fancy magic battle.”

  • The arc finishing soon isn’t going to help you remember why they were there in the first place. If you’re having trouble, you should go back and read this whole storyarc again. :)

  • Harringtonkieran

    you mean Holly, right?

  • Excellent Page. Can’t wait to see where this is headed.

  • Marduk

    Wow… she actually did throw it.

  • Crestlinger


  • John Smith

    Throwing Your Weapon Always Works.

  • John Smith

    “You do the Hokey-Pokey and you shake it all about…”

  • John Smith

    A Facefull Of Alien Wing-Wong? Um…no.

  • Whisper

    Would also explain her tendency to miss with the blaster-arm.

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