519 | Left Out

519 | Left Out

March 14, 2011 | 12:39 am, by Pascalle Lepas

Wait, guys. Hold on. Has anyone seen my arm? I can’t — Oh. Never mind! Here it is.


  • Justin

    I’m having flashbacks to Futurama of Fry using his severed arm as a boomerang against Zoidberg. I hope Reona is well versed in Claw-Plach.

  • Anonymous

    now she just needs to find the duct tape and she’s all set.

  • Anonymous

    It came back to give her a “hand”. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Naveed is looking very smug in panel 2.

  • Hoo-ya

    That title would have been three times as funny had she lost her left arm instead of her right one.

  • Wingnut

    Not quite sure if the gun part would still work so I got two words for you Reona: ROCKET PUNCH!

  • arrow

    haha her face.

  • KryptonAngel

    Why does this remind me of Edward Elric looking for his automail arm? I’m half expecting Kasey to come out of nowhere with a wrench and yell, “What did you do to your cyborg arm this time?!?” (Winry similarity)

  • Left out? But it’s her right arm!

  • Sunphoenix_72

    {Singing!} “Everybody was kung-fu fighting….!”

  • at least the art’s pretty

    it’s not just without your arm sweetheart. You’re always useless

  • What comic are you even reading?

  • Don Quixote

    To be fair, she does the least in any given fight thus far, dunno when that changes. You know TVTropes, yeah? look up chickification…

  • Earlier on before things got really psychic Reona handled herself just fine! All the non-psychic characters are outmatched by the psychics, not just Reona, and no one gives them any flak for not being able to stand up to them. William, Kasey, Grontar, Naveed, Holly & the pirates all get off scott free, but for some reason Reona is the weak character because she, among all the other characters, can’t hold her own against the psychics.

    Remember the bounty hunter arc? And her fighting the giant sea serpent with Inman and Scherzer? At the amusement park she even stood up to, and held her own against, Naveed, until Efrem showed up and sent her on an emotional roller coaster. She wasn’t even afraid to stand up to Gunner even though she knew she was outmatched.

  • To be fair, the other characters do set the bar rather high for apparent combat competence… i.e. psychics, naveed, grontar, murder circus pirates, etc… and Reona’s only weapon isn’t the most practical. I think what she really needs is a beam-sword arm rather than a megaman arm.

  • Crestlinger

    Yay armed and dangerous once again!

  • Green Arrow

    Haha, I see what you did there. Now she can be handy in the fight.

  • John Smith

    “O.K., maybe I can just stick it back on there; anybody got a screwdriver I can borrow?”

  • Graywolf7902000

    Or beat people over the head with it!

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