571 | New Features

571 | New Features

February 26, 2012 | 10:20 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Reona, you just said the magic words.

I did a little Zap doodle this week, and decided why not make a free wallpaper for you guys? Enjoy!


  • Susallia

    Ohh new features, christmas comes early this year for Kasey

  • Daeron

    That face…*shivers*

  • Plucky Pooka

    They won’t blow up, I swear! Maybe…

  • TeflonSoul

    Oh Kasey, you and your Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor streak.  I love it.

  • Anddq

    when I saw that face….. I wanted to run, hide, and pray my planet is not too flammable

  • Safyrejet

    *squee!*  It’s Kasey!  And a cool green swipey wallpaper.  You have made me very happy.  :)  Thank you!  I love Kasey’s face in that last panel.  That’s just how I feel when I get all science-y and get into my research.  Mwahahahahaha! 

    It’s easy to forget how big Kasey is compared to peoples.

  • Anonymous

    Ruh Roh Reona.

  • Annnnd back to uplifting comics!

    Won’t hear a word of complaint coming from me.

  • Metalwolf

    What if they are supposed to explode? Shaped charges make a pretty good skeleton key.

  • Luke

     What’s up with the perspective in the fourth panel?  Kasey looks like some kind of giant, or Reona just got hit by a shrink ray.

  •  Reona is short and Kasey is tall.

    This update brought to you by “things that have always been that way.”

  • Vanillagregory

    “This time, Kasey, I want a third foot instead of an arm. That way, I can kick Naveed’s ass three times as hard.”

  • Marduk

    Man the change in lighting… guess we’re moving on to new things.

    I always love the prospect of upgrades. Especially ones that happen because of timeskips.

  • Marduk

    PS: Love the wallpaper. It looks like it’s animated. I can’t imagine how so much green doesn’t get into the eyes. Green Lantern has a thing or two to learn from you, Lepas

  • DeeD

    New features?
    (Have just finished watching Firefly and Kasey reminded me so much of the mechanic)
    Also glad the focus is shifting again, always good to have variety.

  • Epic Happy Stickle Grin!


  • Psionicost

     Actually, Kasey looks bigger than Reona in EVERY panel. Has Kasey always been this tall? And saying “new features” in front of a skeelie (sp?) is like dangling raw meat in front of a monitor lizard.

  •  Yep. She’s about as tall as Grontar.

  • We just had to check in with the badguys for a bit. It will be on the good guys for quite awhile.

  •  That will show her!

  • I forgot how beautiful Kasey is (Another “thing that always has been”). :D
    I <3 Stickles.

  • LdaQuirm

    It’s not her fault planetary crusts are so THIN.

  • LdaQuirm

    Hoorays! it’s Kasey!
    How can anyone not <3 her?

  • Catwomin

    I never realized Kasey was so bosomie

  • Stephanie White

    This page is a great example of how much your art has improved. Everything flows together very well!

  • jaye

    …that smile… so scary!

  • Grimlock13

    Why does Kasey’s smiles in the last panel scares me?

  • Ramification

    It’s the “crazy smile”, sported by Naveed as well a few times as she went into combat.

    Popularized mainly due to the devil grin featured by the Cheshire Cat.

  • Ramani-Rayne

    Reona looks like she already regrets this decision… :D

  • Violet Black

    I’d be concerned. If the original arm was the first piece of Stickle technology to work correctly, what if the second synthetic arm ISN’T lucky enough to be the second piece of Stickle technology not to explode?

  • Abraham Benjamin

    ohhh yeah now i bet her new arm is gana have a hammer that controls lighting and stuffs….thor and catwoman better watch out…

  •  Thanks Stephanie!

  • Kasey’s boobs are each about the same size as Reona’s head… also about the same height. Maybe a bit higher?

    SO… using Reona as the human standard…

    Yes. I want Kasey-hugs. I want ALL the Kasey-hugs. =D

  • Anonymous

    What, no laws-of-nature-warping, Heterodyne-engineered, euphoric-experience-producing coffee engines?

  • Crestlinger

    Panel 5 pun on righty.
    Antimatter laser acquired.

  • Speedy Marsh

    How about a psychic wave scrambler? That way she could mindfrack the mindfracker.

  • John Smith

    Because you’re very perceptive.

  • Ryan

    “Wait no I changed my mind just carve me one out of wood.”

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Reminds me of an old joke:
    How many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Depends on what you want the bulb changed into.

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