570 | The Threat

570 | The Threat

February 19, 2012 | 9:30 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Gunner means business, Efrem.

Next week we pick up with Reona and the crew of the Excelsior!


  • Plucky Pooka

    Can’t wait to see what is up with rest of the crew. ^_^

    Gunner’s movements in William’s body are very odd. Did Gunner always move like that? Is he just having fun? Are other people’s bodies hard to control? Maybe it just looks funny to see movements that don’t match William.
    The second panel just makes me think of I’m Too Sexy song. “I shake my little tush on the catwalk.”

  • Daniel Schealler

    Well duh.

  • Dtwillson

    love the comic so far, just wanted to point this out as i noticed it right away:  the blood on efrems cheek is gone.

  • Guest

     I notice that too, but I figured that he wiped it off with his sleeve in the time between panel one and panel two (notice the change of positions in Efrem’s arm in panel two and how far William/Gunner has walked in the time).

  • Veebee

    In the first panel William’s/Gunner’s right eye looks screwed up. Is anyone else seeing that?

  • Milknut

    You can’t see him move. It’s a comic. :P

  • Dear Gunner,



  • I’m so glad we’ll be getting back to Reona and the others, although it would be BETTER if Zap could come to sometime in the near future so that he could join in the action. But, when that happens, he’ll most likely be placed under Gunner’s control or something, so that will be BAD for everyone.

  • Tsukiran Kyomuno

    He has always moved like that; it’s just that the magic of long bishie hair makes it look less awkward when Gunner is in his own body.

  • Dear Efrem, hypothetically we’re all on your side if you need an army. :3

  • Nico

    I’d honestly really like to see Zap, the MAIN CHARACTER, get back into this story at some point.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Pfft. Fanboy.

    What we really need is more Grivak.

  • Athenne

    I have this sinking feeling that Efrem won’t be alive at the end of Zap.

  • Marduk


  • Marduk

  •  You’re right. Screw the story we’ve been carefully setting up for the past eight years.

  • Dgeniu


  • Daniel Schealler

    Have you thought about changing Zap into a gaming comic?

    I hear those are really popular.

    *dives for cover*

    I jest, of course.

    <3 this comic, keep doing your thing. ^_^

  • Ramification

    Of course, since the matter of his loyalty has been put to question in the first place, for a few times now, he’s going to kill him once his rule is absolute anyway.
    The only maneuver being made here is to keep Efrem in line because he’s still more beneficial if used as a pawn for the moment/current part of the agenda than the hassle of having to deal with him and carrying out some action without him.

    Typical evil boss.
    If he wasn’t such a classic/cliche villain he would’ve smitten Efrem and be done with it because in the end Efrem pose more risk to plans than his potential usefulness as a double-agent peon who’s just waiting “for the right moment” to cross you.
    I guess Gunner is genre-blind.

  •  Efrem is a lost one.

    You don’t just go and off a lost one all willy nilly! They’re so hard to find!

  •  Efrem is a lost one.

    You don’t just go and off a lost one all willy nilly! They’re so hard to find!

  • Andrew

    so I was going back through your comic and #433 is labeled 
    Talla O Talla 
    what dose that mean? I looked it up but everything that came up was in another langage. Even wikapeda didn’t know.

  • Marduk

    It means ‘Careful careful…”

    Look on the bottom left of the page under the copyright notice… 

  • Marduk

    It means ‘Careful careful…”

    Look on the bottom left of the page under the copyright notice… 

  • Ramification

     He’s a lost one alright, and it’ll be Gunner’s undoing for being too attached and not able to let go more easily.

    Of course, I have no intention of shooting the intended plot down, and I’d very much like to see Gunner lose, get mind raped, perhaps stripped of his powers then raped physically in prison (not actually needing to SEE that part, insinuation is just fine!) so on getting served his dues – because death will be too easy an exit for a scumbag like him.

    So, by all means, ignore this old fool’s rambling and carry on!

  • Ortwin

    Yep, thats right, you picked the wrong side.

    Now what are you gonna do about it?

  • Violet Black

    As someone who is constantly worrying about whether her stories are good enough for the public, it’s kind of inspiring to see another creator show that kind of confidence. :)

  • Guest

     He’s not dancing about he’s pulling his sleeve down.  Probably to hide the hole in the arm from his bite for when he goes to meet with the generals.

  • Hanniabalmummble

    The blood is still there in the shadows on the left side if your looking at the screen you can see it just peaking out :)

  • Anonymous

    i finally got un-busy enough to get around here.

    i read this page….
    then read it again….
    for some reason i kept imagining achmed the terrorist as william.

    “I need you to tink about someting efrem, IF hypotetically you were ever to try to stand against me…. ”


    *boooooooom* <—-premature detonation

  • Yeah! Team Efrem!

  • He will. We must trust in the omnipotent plot-telling of Pascalle and Chris.

  • SHHH! *muffles Athenne with pillow* Don’t give Pascalle any dangerous ideas.
    That said, you’re probably right T.T

  • Man, it feels like we’ve been seen William/Gunner for so long that I’ve almost forgotten what Gunner ACTUALLY looks like… which isn’t a bad thing. William ~3~

  • :,(

  • wait…Efrem is a lost one? whoa! that raises major questions! like why wasn’t he connected to Gunner and Zap earlier, when did he discover that he was a Lost One and how did this information affect him…hmm could go on and on here.

  • During his fight with Reona, Efrem tells her that he’s known Zap for a long time.

  • wait…if Efrem has known Zap for a long time, has Efrem known Gunner for an equal period of time? i’m guessing not because Efrem talks as if he’s recently learned about Gunner’s existence and thus decided to join him…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Gunner is not going to kill Efrem now. He wants to wait and kill him in front of Zap and possibly Reona. He needs to kill with the people who will hurt the most watching.
    (Of course, he might kill Efrem if enough Zaplings are watching. That would hurt both the Gunner and the Efrem fans. The fourth wall means nothing to a psychic) My goodness, that explains why there are still Gunner fan girls out there. They can’t help it. They’re just meat sacks being mindfracked into loving him.

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