569 | Poisoned

569 | Poisoned

February 12, 2012 | 10:25 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Augh. Poor Efrem.


  • Daniel Kauwe

    i feel nervous for Efrem…Gunner sounds like he has some unpleasant intentions towards him…and Will’s body just looks horrid but Efrem looks kind of hot in panels 4 & 5. 

  • Ramification

    Hey Efrem, turn on the ignition.

  • Benji

    oh yeah gunner he has been poisoned….and you are A ok cuz you bite ppl who you take control of and spit blood at the……eer yeah you sweet as a rose mate

  • Marduk

    Man, i’m counting on a great ass-kicking delivered by Zap when he finally get’s out of this mess. But that’s most likely ages away

  • Psionicost

    Gunner, I have to point out, that biting off your skin and drawing blood is not the action of an individual who wants to be called “sane.” Even if you can “heal” it later.

  • It’s not his skin, remember. He was using William to test Efrem’s feelings for humans. If he didn’t care about them at all then he wouldn’t have been bothered by it.

    Clearly Efrem can empathize with (and possibly even care for) humans. That’s problematic for Gunner.

  • Violet Black

    I think I’d react pretty much the same way as Efrem if someone treated my least favorite kind of insect like that. o_o;

  • “Even care for humans”… YEAH, considering he and Reona were steaming up the spaceship glass before he went “evil”…
    I REALLY hope Efrem is some kind of double agent…

  • William’s face in Panel 3 is… ~swoon~ =v=
    I hope Gunner remembers to heal William’s arm before this big meeting. Otherwise, there could be a serious blood-loss problem…

  • Damn villains when they’re sexy…

  • Anonymous

    Let us glance upon the checklist here…..

    *eliminated major threats to plans….-check
    *acquired old partner and turned him into a night light….-check
    *making love to murderous catwoman….-check
    *making Efrem feel like a tool and gloating about his weakness while having a telekenetic hand shoved up someone’s pooper…-priceless

    remember, it is not the size of your evil that matters…
    but how you use it.

  • Ramification

    By the end of this comic, if Gunner isn’t mind-raped I’d be wholly disappointed.

  • perezosa

    I’m having Zap withdrawals. When will he be back to kick Gunner’s ass?

  • Anonymous

    *bows before the master of Master Card of Evilness* you would be awesome at writing their commercials. 

  •  Check out the news section on the homepage. He’s wishing you a happy Valentines Day.

  • Marshmallows

    Zap!  Don’t kill Gunner!  He’s too hot to die!

    Maybe there might be a spin-off comic where Gunner’s the main character?  More about his past or something…

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you didn’t make a “serpentine’s day” card…

  • Ramification

     Zap? Huh? What? This is Efrem and Gunner is in another guy’s body.

  • Topher

    i like william’s eyes they are so shiny and cool when he is mind controlled by gunner =D

  • Speedy Marsh

    Judging by his recent epiphany, I no longer think Efrem is a double agent (yet). I think he has been working with Gunner willingly, though oblivious to Gunner’s true goal. He has been trying to minimize the damage done to non-G.E.F. types along the way, but he’s only now realizing that Gunner won’t be happy till he’s burnt the universe to the ground.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Zap will finally emerge from the pickling jar for the last comic in the series, and say, “Bad Gunner, Say you’re sorry!”, and Gunner will say, “Sorries, Dudez, my bad”, and the comic will fade to black…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Spoken like someone who has to go through a pat down in order to visit their significant other.
    Sorry, Gunner is not allowed conjugal visits. :p

  • John Smith

    Gunner is a fine one to talk about being “poisoned”. I mean, what did the human race ever do to him? I ask you!

  • Rukh Talos

    Go back a few pages. Something about a massacre…

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