568 | Bite Me

568 | Bite Me

February 5, 2012 | 8:18 pm, by Pascalle Lepas



  • TheDude

    I would bite you so hard Pas

  • lulz

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t go sparkly emo vampire wannabe, please don’t go sparkily emo vampire wannabe, please don’t go sparkly emo vampire wannabe, please please PLEASE DON’T go sparkly vampire wannabe. *crosses fingers and toes*

  •  Haha. Wow. Look! You’ve made me as uncomfortable as Gunner made Efrem!

  • Guest

    Gunner is going to make William eat himself

  •  Yeah, no bloodsucking. Just Gunner testing Efrem’s empathy towards humans.

  • So… Consensus is that there’s no chance this is William biting himself to make Gunner feel it?

    I’ve been away from the story for a while, still playing catch up.

  • Benji

    Man gunner sure is something he caqn kiss a cat control a human and be an ass all at the same time dame

  • Anonymous

    i would prefer to think that gunner is teething on william like a puppy due to whatever naveed is doing to him.

    but that would be silly.

  • Why wouldn’t they trust William? Well, there’s the black-and-yellow eyes, for starters…

  • Plucky Pooka

    Gunner’s been prepping to bite that arm since the first panel. And the bite is completely with what we know of Gunner’s character from the more recent pages.

  • Marduk

    Man, Gunner sucks.

  • There will be no Twilight in Zap. 

  • Sorry, Gunner, but I really must kill you now, after you’ve gone and made poor William bite himself! MEANIE!
    What’s really freaky is that, by doing that, Gunner/William is a sadist and a masochist at the same time. Oooooo~

  • RG

    ICK!! Disturbing…

  • Except once a day on most atmospheric star-orbiting planets.

  • Psionicost

    Sick,man SSSSIIIICCCKKKK!!!!

  • I really don’t think Gunner feels too much of what William feels, or else he might be compelled to take better care of William’s body.

  • This is very true, but William probably still feels the pain. T.T

  • Ramification

    All love is unrequited.

  • indeed. :(

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, you would think characters would take the hint with stuff like that. Oh, and William doesn’t normally do creepy smiles like that.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… we could make making you awkwardly uncomfortable a weekly thing, for the lulz of course.
    Or not, really.

  • Bawsman

    Oh, look. Blood.

  • Daniel Kauwe

    ewww! gross!

  • Nena-Nena

    Sadist much Gunner!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Thank YOU! THANK YOU! *bows before your awesomeness*

  • Violet Black

    Epicly spooky. o____________o

  • Tank762

    Gunner is not in control of that bite…

  • Dgeniu

    I like your style sir!

  • Dgeniu


  • Joy

    Yuck.  Yuckyuckyuck.  Eeeeewwwww.  Now feeling William’s pain.  Owowowowowwww. 


  • Ramification

     Gunner is a psychic vampire!

    (pun intended)

  • theo fisher

    Funny I use to bite my wrist just like that, never drew blood though. Poor William I liked him, but not a fan of Gunner. It must be the villain tendencies.

  • Anonymous

    straight from the home office in tulsa oklahoma, here are the top ten things william might have said if gunner wanted to REALLY screw with efrem’s head befor biting himself…..

    #10,   chow time!

    #9,     i dont have a bib,..aw screw it!

    #8,     want a nibble?

    #7,     i’v starved this guy for days, he’s gotta be tender now.

    #6,     i bet it does taste like chicken.

    #5,     i’m fairly certain i should have red wine with this.

    #4,     hey look, a scene from twilight.

    #3,     efrem, were you the one that hates the sight of blood?

    #2,     BRAAAAAAAAINS !!!

    #1,     i’m going to enjoy a snack by the light of my new zap lamp.

  • Comment of the Week.

  • Benji

    yep this comment eer,,,takes the cake hehehe pun and all

  • I think this is the MAIN reason I asked Lepas back on twitter as to why it seemed like Vitale HAD to die….Wouldn’t Vitale have kept quiet if given the option was what I thought, and I coulda swore I remembered Efreem mentioning that….I think that’s the biggest reason why I was wondering if the murder/killing of Vitale was….”really necessary” :/

  • Yes, Gunner could have used William as leverage against Vitale, but to what end? Gunner wants to kill all of the humans. At some point Vitale would have had to stand against him to protect William, and the other humans beyond that. Gunner wasn’t going to give Vitale that chance.

    Don’t count Vitale out quite yet. Like Zap, he had the ability to see the future and might have set some things in motion.

  • So Gunner can’t feel pain through the psychic link? But he can see fine, hear fine, etc? Puzzling.

  • Speedy Marsh

    I beg to differ. I think a large part of the enjoyment he gets out of possessing others is the ability to feel how badly he’s mistreating them. In fact, as much of a sadist as he is, I have a feeling that feeling the pain he’s causing William is the only thing keeping him from hurting Naveed right now.
    … and I think I need to stop watching Criminal Minds.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Of course he is. It’s Gunner’s way of stabbing Efram right in the empathy.

  • Gunner does legit actually care about Naveed, in the capacity that he can, and with all the baggage that that brings him.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Ok, so he really is an emo Anikin, who’s found one thing in the universe to love. But I’m guessing, like Anakin, he’s destined to destroy that love because his hated of humanity is greater than his love for Naveed. She doesn’t know it yet, but he’s already hurt her by destroying her friendship with the elementals. I can’t help but picture Naveed dying of a broken heart while giving birth to twin psychic furballs.

  • Bleh, no. Naveed isn’t going to be a ‘women in refrigerator.’ She doesn’t stay with Gunner ‘just because.’ She has her own motivations and agency to act upon them.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Okay, I get that. And I’m sorry if I’ve been dissing the characters too much. I just don’t like bullies.
    I’d still like to see a drawing of a couple of fuzzy kittens with glowing eyes. Come on, you know you want to draw that, no matter where the story is really going. Surely you’ve thought of drawing all the possible children from all the relationships.

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