602 | I'm Sorry

602 | I’m Sorry

September 30, 2012 | 9:52 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Ooof. Right in the feels, man! Why would Efrem even do that? Also, his hand writing looks JUST LIKE MINE!!

I mailed out a few Artist Edition books last week! I hope you all got them and love them! More will be going out this week! If you want to order your own, they are still available in the webcomic bucket store! yay!


  • Nice handwriting man! : D

  • Mike

    Efrem hates elaboration.

  • Wow, even in the future mail is slow. :3

  • ok ill admit i was wrong but here comes the twist i’ll bet

  • This is the twist!

    Efrem, are you not a bad guy or what??

  • He knew she’d know what he was talking about. He’s a psychic, after all. :P

  • Gold E Locks

    This question may seem random. But are the two curved chunks of hair on Reona supposed to be horns? I’ve been wondering about that for awhile.

  • They are a space-girl hairstyle. Space fashion, man. It be crazy.

  • Space sideburns… spaceburns…

  • sunphoenix

    Love the contrast in panel 4#. Nice effect with the window in the background.

  • So the twist isn’t whether or not its actually “hand writing” per say or is that showing off a bit much. In all seriousness though i think that meeting with the generals may be to Zap’s advantage…

  • The twist is that Efrem left a note for Reona to find after she would have returned alone following their failed mission against Naveed. He’s expressing remorse to her over what he had to do.

    Is he really sorry? Why would he care to apologize to her given the way he spoke to her at their last meeting?

  • Aw, shucks!

  • Hmmm… That actually makes me wonder.
    Was Efrem aware that Reona still hadn’t seen the note, when they fought at the casino?

  • Well, you can know that he certainly didn’t want her to be there.

  • thanks!

  • Anonymous

    straight from the home office in Tulsa, oklahoma. it’s the top ten reasons Zap characters have crazy space hair.
    that’s top ten reasons why Zap characters have crazy..space..hair, or as those of us that do not have time to style our hair call it…’normal’.

    #1. if you get stuck in an escape pod without food you can eat your bangs.

    #2. you get better reception with the mother ship.

    #3. all hair products are made by stickles.

    #4. that’s not hair, its actually head mounted oxygen recyclers for ship crews.

    #5. in the future, everyone is directly descended from Dennis Rodman

    #6. people tend to leave you alone when you look like you are having a bad hair day.

    #7. electrostatic condenser coils in a ship’s main star drive have some ‘odd’ side effects.

    #8. you are what you eat…..skip the poo poo platter.

    #9. space is soooo big you have to really stand out in a solar system to attract a mate.

    #10. space cocaine is a HELL of a drug.

  • Killerrabbit213

    i think Efrem will bust out Zap and possibly die, Reona will cry a bunch Zap consoles her…then night escapades

  • Oh gawd, why.

    I stumbled upon your webcomic in a sidebar for a different one I read, and it looked interesting enough to click. Now I’m glad I have, as I’ve sat here for quite some time reading all the way through the archives.

    And I must say, this is one of the better ones I’ve read. (And I hope that means a lot, as I read over 100 that still update on a regular basis.)

    Your artwork improved quickly, and actually wasn’t bad to start out with. The story has kept me interested enough to keep reading, guessing, and actually guessing wrong.

    Sometimes I’ve always wondered how people can ‘suddenly be in perfect love,’ the way Zap pretty much automatically loves Reona. (And as she starts to see that she returns the feelings.) It’s done often enough to see the exact same patterns. But you have done it in a way that isn’t totally cliche and it works for your setting. That’s hard to do these days, and I think you’ve done a good job with it.

    Now, I’m just upset that I have to WAIT for more pages….. That’s why I hate reading a new comic sometimes…. But it also proves that you have done a fine job in getting me involved in your story, and I’ll be revisiting every new update. :) (Oh dear lord, if I don’t update all my links at least once every two days…. It’s scary how long it takes to update them completely when I bother to do so.)

  • Anonymous

    you are my hero. O_O *bows down in worship*

  • Anonymous

    *gets a fangirl gleam in her eye* heeheehee

  • Anonymous

    how are you surprised by this? lol

  • Stev

    Well, actually, this comic has been running for a little over nine years now, so it’s not really new, and the artwork didn’t improve super quickly. But I agree with basically everything else you said. The comic updates every Monday and sometimes on Thursday, so uhh yeah. Also, hi.


  • prplmkyfr

    Okay. Wow. First off – great comic. Just finished reading through it for the second time… I found it last week. ;-) And it was instantly promoted to one of the 7 (now 8) that I keep up all the time to ensure I never miss an update. (I follow probably two dozen or so webcomics total, and it’s been most of a year since I last added one to the “window of fame”. So it’s a pretty good compliment to the comic.)
    Anyway. I love the artwork – amazing to watch the progression of artwork from quirky-cartoony to downright stunning. I am captivated by the complex storyline and excellent portrayal of emotion. Long story short: I’m hooked. For life.
    Oh, and usually when I’m following a comic it’s normally at least a month or so before I want to reread it… Upon finishing Zap! I held out for about a day and then, “Nope, back to the beginning!”
    So, I will join the throngs anxiously awaiting updates! ^_^

  • Aaah! Oh my gosh, thank you! I’m so glad you like the comic! Your comment makes me super happy!

    We always intended Zap! to be read like that, all together. I can’t wait for the day when I’ve drawn it all and people can just sit down and read it all and see how it works together. <3

  • Aah! I’m so glad you found us. Thank you so much!

    Zap’s feelings for Reona are kind of the focus of the next bit of the story. We do explain it. :)

    Come back every monday, we’ll be here! <3

  • Anonymous

    heh, I did the same myself when I oohed over a filler you did for dominic-deegan those many years ago… I’m going to be rather sad to see my 2 favorite webcomics end

  • Aw! You’ve been around for such a long time! Zap! will go on a little longer than DD, so at least we won’t bow out at the same time on you. :)

  • prplmkyfr

    You are so very welcome! :-) Also… would you laugh at my other comment if I told you I’m in tenth grade? Fifteen years old, homeschooled, reads Shakespeare for a pleasure book.
    At this point I could go off into a lengthy digression about me and how I’m a little weird. But I have a bad habit of rambling, sooo… I won’t. :-)
    Yeah, I am looking forward to future rereads… so far I have only sat through a total of one update. But I am eagerly anticipating becoming a “longtime reader”… though 4-or-so years can’t compete with the 9 that some already have so far.
    Once again, beautiful comic, love how much it has grown… art, characters, storyline… and my brain is beginning to fail me so I will go ahead and post this.

  • Anonymous

    yeees, bow down to the almighty top ten. gather together my minions!. once our numbers have surpassed that of the roman empire’s (or at least the maximum seating capacity of the Denny’s down the street) I shall nickname you “pinky” and name you general of my armies, then you shall lead our horde to victory in an attempt to try to take over the world!!…

    ……..or at the least just walk around with crazy space haircuts while tickling anyone that looks grumpy or sad.


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if I should change my DISQUS login name to “pinky”… :)

  • I just now found it, making it new to me. XD Sometimes I wonder how I miss all these comics that have been online for years when I read so many. You’da thought I’dda found more of them by now? >< And the artwork does progress rather fast if you read the entire archive in one go. : D Yes, these things do take years, but not for new readers. :P

    So yeah, HI!

  • Oooooh, sounds like fun!

    And I will! : D

  • Joeshmoe

    That’s a fuckin’ swag apartment, at that. I’ll bet she pays less for rent than I do, too :V

  • in all seriousness though THAT twist was when he showed up in the room that is holding Zap and when he offered (in a way) to help the elementalists

  • Welcome, new Zapling!


  • Ooo, 2 new Zaplings on one page; welcome!


  • Yeah, but she pays in Space Bucks, so it’s not a valid comparison. Apples and oranges, and all that …


  • Speedy Marsh

    I would say blow up the planet to prevent #5, but if that happened, then Dennis would tell all his grand Rodmans and great-grand Rodmans the story of how he was visiting the International Space Station, when BOOM! there went the planet, and only he and a cosmonaut named Olga survived…

  • Speedy Marsh

    Ok, now she knows he’s not evil, but since he left her a note instead of talking to her and explaining what he was doing, she will now get out and polish her ass-kicking boots, in case he’s still alive next time she sees him. Of course, I’ve guessed almost everything wrong so far, so who knows.

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