603 | Secret Stash

603 | Secret Stash

October 7, 2012 | 11:23 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Efrem, what’choo hidin’ in dat closet?


  • Killerrabbit213

    good thing her cannon is not attached

  • Killerrabbit213

    good thing cannon is not attached (i may of double posted)

  • Heh. the only thing I can think of is how much longer it’s going to take to rip out all the clothes in the closet with only one arm!

  • Yeah, you tell that 22nd century silk shirt what for!!

  • Anonymous

    Methinks she isn’t the only person Efrem’s been keeping secrets from…

  • is that a ring

  • haha. nooooooo. it will be explained next week. Until then, feel free to speculate!

  • It’s a space squid egg. Bewaaaaare …


  • The answer is already totally in the archives.

    *diabolical laughter*

  • D.H.

    “I want you out of my life! Everything!”

    “NOOO! Not my porn collection!”

  • MDude

    Another little AI crystal thingy, like the one Gunner used, but said was too weak compared to the ship AIs?

  • Xanith

    She is going to find his secret Thor and Loki duvet…

  • Aha!

    Also, you are an evil temptress for prodding my OCD into full archive binge mode that way. And I love you for it.

    I’m just gonna go finish rereading the archives now …


  • prplmkyfr

    Random irrelevant question: Are you the same TekServer as in the Dreamland Chronicles comments? Just curious! Same name, same avatar, same usually-posts-a-voting-link… okay, I believe I just answered my own question! :-)

  • Yup, that’s me.


  • prplmkyfr

    Nice. I have solved the mystery!
    And, on paying closer attention, I see you in a lot of places… O.o You’re eeeverywheerrre!

  • dame she doing her spring cleaning wit one arm?lucky zap she must clean up well…no dirty house when they have lil zaplings

  • Speedy Marsh

    I’m guessing a recording device where Zap and Efram have recorded their entire plan, and explain everything to Reona so she won’t be homicidal next time she sees them.
    *Crosses fingers*

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