604 | Hidden Memories

604 | Hidden Memories

October 14, 2012 | 10:51 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


(this is what it means)

Everything is getting so complicated! Almost like some big, massive plan was set into motion and now all the parts are falling into place…




  • Kai

    You probably shouldn’t post the spoiler here and just let us find out. I’m hoping it’s revealed later in comic form instead

  • Anonymous

    basically the chip contains nothing more than an overall concentration in specific amounts of relative data to the condensed activities in a generalized manner bearing on normal digression of the main focalization of that pertaining to within.

    or in other words…..

    *cough* *cough*

    *Kosh voice* – reflection, surprise,….terror.

  • Marduk

    I resisted the urge to click on the link.

    And aw… sad Reona is sad.

  • It’s not really a spoiler. It’s a link to a page in the archives where we dropped a clue. :)

    Of course it will all be explained, but it is totally possible to know what is going on now if you’ve read carefully!

  • Just re-read the previous volume. It has the clue!

  • Oh its a “if you are seeing this i am probably (State horrible condition or dead here). (Insert last requests and secrets here).
    (Say last goodby’s to loved ones here). Stored in a memory chip.

  • heh… +1 for Kosh

  • Marduk

    will do

  • Far

    “A mind is a terrible thing to lose!”
    Of all the things I’ve lost, it’s my mind I miss the most.

  • Woohoo!

    *TekServer takes a level in Master Archivist*

    (See my comments on the previous page if you’re confused!)


  • Or (just to quote RvB for fun) the Memory card Is The Key (yes, yes i just went there)

  • Case in point, those last few panels gave me an awesome perspective of stickle physique. Several awesome perspectives, even. Move along, nothing to see here. Uh. Teehee.

  • LdaQuirm


  • Anonymous

    Heh… I already connected the dots before clicking the link- just simply confirmed what I suspected… Now, what did he store ON it?

  • Anonymous

    Probably not… It’s probably a key piece of the puzzle (Chekov’s Gun and all…)

  • I love it when people figure out the clues! +5 internets for you!!

  • As i said in annother post in the words of Michael Caboose of Blood-gulch Outpost “Alfa memory is the key” but Chuck refrences are fine too

  • Speedy Marsh

    “Dang Efrem and his Gameboy cartridges.” *chucks in garbage* Well, time to report for duty with the base’s janitorial staff…

  • oh my gosh, I immediately remembered the right reference!! But then, I’m reading from the archives, not in “have to wait week by week” time… but I’m still proud :)

  • John Smith

    “Don’t you want to see your new arm?” :)

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Does that mean we all get +1? After all, “We are all Kosh…” -_^

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