665 | What to Do

665 | What to Do

November 17, 2013 | 7:43 pm, by Pascalle Lepas



  • Psiberkiwi

    Melissa: Your ‘dream involving Reona’ line is right on the money – why else did/do the ship interfaces (Daedalus and Excelsior) look like Reona? Because Zap programmed them to look like the ‘girl of his dreams’. Efrem knew this, so when Reona came along, he disabled Excelsior’s interface so no-one would know that she was Zap’s ‘ace in the hole’.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dkkauwe Daniel Kauwe

    Reona to the rescue!

  • Melissa Crowell

    You realize what that means, don’t you? If Efram was aware of Reona from the beginning, then he ‘dated’ Reona knowing full well Zap was gonna kill him for it.

  • Wolfencreek

    It would make my day if on the next page Zap woke up on the toilet on the excelsior and it was all a dream :3

  • Psiberkiwi

    Wondered about that myself, then put it down to Efrem using his ‘romance’ with Reona as a reason to keep her aboard Excelsior. As for the killing… We’ll have to see what Pascalle and Co have in store for him, won’t we? :P

  • Speedy Marsh

    I know! I know!

    It’s time for a game of Katamari !!!

    Reona is gonna roll the whole team up in her protection ball, and then they’re gonna roll over Gunner, squishing him flat! Then they can squish Naveed and any of Gunner’s army and the GEF that are left. Zap’s crown will stop functioning without Gunner’s influence, and William will be the highest ranking GEF official left, making him President.

    Now I know President William is an idea that will make a lot of Zaplings happy. :D

  • Speedy Marsh

    Oops, it looks like I kinda repeated Melissa’s idea with the William thing. Sorry

  • Speedy Marsh

    Nooo. Jethro Gibbs is the Chuck Norris of head slapping. He owns the Gibbs Slap!
    Merriam Webster needs to define a slap to the back of the head as a Gibbs Slap.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Oh! Wait! Naveed survives, and we find out that she’s been under Gunner’s control for the entire series. Really, she’s a cuddly kitten on the inside. She instantly falls in love with William, and ends up as General and First Kitty Naveed, and is later elected President Naveed, when William’s terms in office are up. Somewhere in there, she has a litter of a dozen of the cutest fuzzballs ever.

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