672 | Slippery When Wet

672 | Slippery When Wet

January 5, 2014 | 7:03 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

“Before furballs?”


  • Ori Klein

    Hell hath no wrath like a scorned…woman cat?

  • safyrejet

    Sorry, you won’t see fanfic from me. I don’t like fanfic. But if I can steal time from my schedule I will do fan art. I want to do fan art.

  • oh…please please please let this be Naveed’s comeuppance! :)

  • fanart is my favorite! I would love it, if you found the time! :)

  • JasonAW3

    That last panel… you’ve got to make it into a wallpaper.

    Truthfully, I kinda wish there was some way of redeeming Naveed. I liked seeing her in the few non-cannon drawings as a nice kitty.

  • Rex

    Gunner doesn’t care about Naveed past whatever benefit he can get from her. Do remember that he sent her on deadly mission to retrieve a ship without mentioning that it was a deadly mission.

  • ^This

    Wallpaper please(!)…… It seems to have the right ratio…

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes the hunters become the hunted. Never once think herbivores aren’t dangerous just because they’re plant eaters.

    Once you face off against 1000+ pounds of mare, cocked in the pissed off position, you’ll fully understand it.

  • Anonymous

    Just so she could be her eyes on said mission because he couldn’t see how/why he was going to lose the ship…

  • Anonymous

    They’re one in the same concept…


  • Speedy Marsh

    Of course, Gunner is the real “tool”

  • Speedy Marsh

    Pascalle, if you coordinate your attacks, (Arm Blast, Zap Zap, and Lightning Bolt) you’ll get bonus damage :D

  • Speedy Marsh

    A classic case of, “The people I just dissed are hovering right behind me. Aren’t they?”

  • acidic

    I thought cats couldn’t stand getting wet.

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