694 | I Ran to You

694 | I Ran to You

May 4, 2014 | 8:10 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


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EDIT: Wallpaper by request



  • Christer Johnsson

    YESH! The world need more kisses!

  • Keep a tally of the Zap x Reona kisses over the rest of the comic. :3

  • I was going to post “I Ran” again, but this one seemed more appropriate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21JwyfGH3wE

  • Fata

    I love the first two panels; the way it says “This is how I met you and this is how we are together now”.

  • sunphoenix

    {sob}…awe! Zap says the sweetest of things!

    “Each day, each day I play the role,
    Of someone always in control.”
    “But at night I come home and turn the key
    There’s nobody there, no one cares for me.”
    “What’s the sense of trying hard to find your dreams,
    Without someone to share it with ~
    Tell me what does it mean?”

    “I wanna run to you (oooh)”
    “I wanna run to you (oooh)”

    “Won’t you hold me in your arms,
    And keep me safe from harm”

    “I wanna run to you (oooh)”
    “But if I come to you (oooh)”
    “Tell me, will you stay or will you run away?”

  • safyrejet

    Yay! Zap and Reona have come full circle.

    Zap. Seriously, don’t blame yourself for what Gunner did. Gunner’s a big boy. He could have stopped himself by listening to that same moral compass that tells you that killing is wrong.

    Besides, who’s to say which of the many potential future paths would have played out if Zap had tried otherwise to stop him? Hmmm? There’s only so much anyone, even a psychic, can do. I hope Reona doesn’t let this pity party go on too long. Distract him. Kiss that boy.

  • safyrejet

    Looks like this is 1…. ^_^

  • Crestlinger

    Probably the easiest way to stop a Gunner is take away his ammo.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Well, Gunner’s moral compass is broken (smashed to bits, really), and it’s waaaay out of warranty.

    I think Gunner and Naveed need to see what it’s like to wear a crown. Can you imagine what Zap would make them do? “Hey, Reona, watch this! Okay you two, do the Chicken Dance and the Macarena… at the same time!”

  • Speedy Marsh

    What about Kasey & Grontar, Holly and her reverse harem, and the rest of the couples?

  • Christer Johnsson

    Ahhh,… but you forgot the Christmas present:
    Ba,Da, Da, Diiing

  • Alex

    Oh god i can’t stop laughing

  • mrz80

    “When I was your age, TV was called Webcomics!”

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Yeah, Zap. It’s not your fault. It’s the GPF’s for not only blowing his, and your, home planet to space dust, killing your entire species, but forcing him to kill over and over again.

  • They just can’t stop touching/kissing.

  • safyrejet

    Forget. Hah. Nevar!

    I was starting the tally from this page on….

  • safyrejet

    It’s still not Zap’s fault as to the relative working condition of anyone else’s moral compass. Even someone who enjoys killing, I think there’s still something in them that knows it’s wrong.

  • safyrejet

    See my thought is everyone’s life has some good and some bad s**t. It’s up to each person to decide how they are going to react. It’s something we do every day and every second really. So while yes, the GEF did horrible things to Gunner (and Zap and Efrem) the only person responsible for what Gunner ultimately did is Gunner. You can’t control your circumstances but you can control how you respond to them.

  • Speedy Marsh

    True. I think Zap just feels responsible, ’cause he abandoned Gunner and Efrem, when they most needed help. He feels like if he had stayed, he could have somehow given Gunner the support he needed to avoid going off the deep end.

    Even though Gunner’s actions aren’t Zap’s fault, Zap will probably always feel like he could have done something different, to keep Gunner’s hate from boiling over.

  • Fata

    A lot of mixed emotions…

  • crazy, right? we were talking about this on twitter last night.

    10 years in between me drawing this same moment!

  • Korgus

    That third panel should be a wallpaper. Just great work. Keep it up.

  • Derkins

    Well that isn’t romantic at all *sobs* i___i

  • Mike

    I’m a coward who is also completely unafraid of physical pain, emotional pain and interstellar conflict! Wait, that made more sense in my head.

  • added it! Enjoy!

  • safyrejet

    I understand why Zap feels guilty. He’ll always wonder if. If only this, if only that. It’s what we all do. I suppose given Zap’s psychic he could actually pull all potential pathways to sort it out and alleviate (or deepen) his guilt. But usually there’s no way to tell would have happened if.

  • safyrejet

    I love how their expressions don’t change, even though the style and modeling (and coloring and shading and everything else) improves.

  • safyrejet

    Thank you!!!!

  • Speedy Marsh

    They’ve got the whole planet to themselves. That’s not enough privacy?

    Keep going, you two. We’re not watching…
    *Lies unconvincingly*

  • Fata

    Yes, you are extremly loyal to your characters.

  • Robert

    And he refused yet another opportunity to stop Gunner only a few strips ago, but left cringing him in the arms of the cat. But I won’t be sorry to see a sequel….

  • mirrim

    It’s funny how the mind works isn’t it? : )
    I agree that it takes a lot of courage to risk your identity and life for a chance at happiness.
    But I think Zap’s realized that, ironically, forgetting himself was a pretty self-centered gamble to “have it all”. Maybe that’s why he kept referring to his desperate plan as “running”?
    I keep thinking of that simulation taunt: “You failed and you ran away.” http://www.zapcomic.com/2005/05/20090628/
    At the end of the day he still hasn’t confronted Gunner or even the GEF – not really. He even arranged for somebody else to destroy the Daedalus. Maybe because all he sees in such confrontations is pain and death? I’m really interested to see how these inner/outer conflicts work out.

  • Mike

    Hrm, perhaps. But I think the willingness to know, in advance, that it might end terribly for you by taking an action you believe to be ultimately a good one, and do it anyways… Well, that’s what an opinion’s all about anyways :p

  • mirrim

    For sure! It’s all open to interpretation. I guess I just like that Zap is showing some doubts rather than insisting he did the right thing — for me, it adds an extra layer of conflict and makes him relatable (though still braver than most!). : )

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