695 | The Maker

695 | The Maker

May 7, 2014 | 7:26 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Surprise! Now read through the archives again and figure this one out!

Did anyone call it? I think one person did, at least.

See you Monday!


  • Raven

    So yeah, I was one of those that re-read the comic in it’s entirety, one of those that contributed to the server crash, and I. Am. Impressed. I had been reading since oh about year 3 and just enjoyed the comic, it was entertaining, but when I re-read it, wow, just wow!
    I exclaimed to a few friends working through the entire thing how impressed I was with the story I never realized was so complete and made such sense. Stuff I had forgotten fit in (like robot’s memory chip and excelsior finding the lost ones and Gunner getting mad. At first I was confused, but upon re-reading it made so much more sense and meant so much more to me).
    I’m sad to see the story wrapping up, but I’m glad to have been here for most of the journey.

    ok, enough gushing.
    It’s been such a fun ride with such a great story and characters and the art just.. blows me away now!

  • Thanks so much for this comment! I really appreciate it! <3

  • mirrim

    I just love Robot’s reaction. XD Priceless.

  • safyrejet

    Oh. snap.


    I feel bad laughing at XR-whatever’s expense. No. Wait. No I don’t. hahahahahaha. I love you guys, Pascalle, Chris. This is epic.

  • safyrejet

    I know what you mean. I’m seriously gonna spaz out and go on a reading-do-not-disturb binge when we get the point where we have all of Zap in print.

  • Private Eye

    While I can’t say I saw this coming, it does make complete sense

  • I knew… ;)

  • holykittensbatman

    YES. Robot’s face. “Wait this guy is supposed to be an idiot he’s an idiot he’s totally an idiot AND I’M MADE BY HIM OH GOD”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    You must be psychic ! :D

  • linuxthekid

    I called it we saw zap’s psychic memory thing in Daedalus. What I don’t have a clue about is what is further on that chip aside from Zap’s actual identity.

  • Crestlinger

    Wait till he figures out that his ‘relationship’ with Excelsior was engineered too.

  • I had it figured out that the memory plug was Robot’s plug, just not who built it. It’s also nice that Stickles can hold other people’s tech without making it blow up. Good to know. :3

  • hey, they were made for each other. :)

  • Stickles are remarkable at maintaining and repairing OTHER species’ technology. They make the best engineers, repairmen, and the like. What they suck at is their own inventions. Kasey is rare in that most of her own creations kinda sorta work.

  • Deanna

    Hehe, it’s all coming together, so awesome Pascalle!!

  • Deanna

    psycho! *ba dum tch*

  • Speedy Marsh

    A relationship made in heaven Zap’s lab.

  • Derkins

    He might actually start having to give zap some respect. he’s hardly the same person that robot met originally. All tabula rasa stylee.

  • Ori Klein

    Anakin Skywalker, he built C3PO.

    Also: Absence, with “c”, not “s”.

  • Me-me

    Doesn’t this make Excelsior his sister? Is that um … appropriate?

  • Greycat

    Zap is the Maker. His lab is heaven.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Does anyone else look at Robot’s chest, and wonder if there are 3 more like him, all wishing they were able to eat Tubby Tustard?

    I’m half expecting to see a zoom in to Robot’s chest, and then a video, when they plug in his memory module.

  • Speedy Marsh

    They’re more like Adam & Eve. (I’m glad they were appropriate)

  • MysticJanus

    Haha! “By the Maker” indeed! That phrase makes me laugh all the more since I’m re-reading (for the umpteenth time) David Weber’s Dahak series. Let’s just hope Robot doesn’t start making remarks about the Breaker. ;p

  • l33tninja

    Called it!

  • RSC

    So, I just started reading this because I’m reading Wilde Life and I love it… and one day I was like, maybe I can check the other one out? Even though I was sure it wouldn’t be as good. I. WAS. WRONG. So very, very wrong. Aside from actually witnessing Ms. Lepas’ style evolving IRL, this story is just SO GOOD! Full of action, romance, and best of all, so well rounded up. I have enjoyed this so much. I hope you read this, Pascalle Lepas. You’re awesome.

  • Rexan

    “Kinda sorta works”: the type of technology people beg to get put on their arm.

  • Reona likes to live dangerously. Besides if you are a member of a rebellion, you get use to using tech that might not exactly be “safe”. You use what you can get.

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