699 | Some Things

699 | Some Things

May 25, 2014 | 7:58 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

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  • sunphoenix

    Tre’ Cool!

  • Marduk

    I can hear the silent drums
    I can see an epic conclusion.

  • Mike

    Now Zap opens his head up to reveal the robot brain. What a twist!

  • Kindra Coates

    Yeah the jacket!

  • going to kill so so many characters.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    damn ,can’t call him metal head anymore now.

  • Psithief

    Efrem knows how to stay alive; Stay in bed!

  • Crestlinger

    Others are as easy as changing a jacket.
    Nose lines gravitate to mirrors. Interesting.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    As the bolts come out, the jacket goes on, and the drumming – in a four-beat rhythm – begins to sound.

    Epic on toast.

  • safyrejet

    William was pretty good at it too. Stay near Reona!

  • safyrejet

    “Some things even you can’t change.” I think those are interesting words to hear. Especially after all this time it’s been building up just how powerful Zap is and how much of this he orchestrated (some of it in an accidental take a huge change kinda way). In a way it’s good to know and have someone admit that even Zap has limits.

    I am so relieved to finally see those metal screws (for lack of a better word) out of his face. I winced every time I saw them in his face. Now I won’t have to wince, at least not for that. And yes. The jacket. The comfy floppy sleeve jacket.

  • safyrejet

    You’re gonna make us cry. More. Aren’t you?

  • Astralfury

    A song of Zap and Fire?

  • You can call him screw-loose. ;)

  • Trey

    Could you remind me what the screws were for again?! I’m drawing a blank as to when they went in and what they are o_0′

  • Really, it’s only four characters. NBD.

  • svartalf

    They were the hard-mounts for the “crown” Gunner bolted onto his head to control him.

  • svartalf

    Now…who is it that told him that- “I’m sorry…” Wasn’t Efrem. Wasn’t himself, really, if you think about it. So, whom?

  • mirrim

    My understanding of comic/written dialogue conventions makes me think Efrem…?? I’d imagine Zap would be startled if it was someone else and it’s not coloured/psychic…

  • Speedy Marsh

    If the “Oh, poop” guy dies, I hope it’s epic. If not, I hope he gets a “happily ever after”

  • Maximum Carnage

    …ssssoooo… I do know that those little… …lines… across his nose have always pretty much been there as a part of the art style/character design of Zap. But after all this time, with the art quality so improved and the style very evolved, the closeups, particularly in profile. begin to beg an increasingly pertinent question:

    …just what ARE those lines, now? Hairs? Doesn’t seem likely. But they come from his cheek, across the nose, and jut out into space. O.o Am I the only one who is slightly puzzled by this?

  • Maximum Carnage

    I apologize in advance if this has been addressed in some previous commentary.

  • Ori Klein

    Ha! Loose screws in the head. Called it!

  • safyrejet

    Why wouldn’t it be Efrem saying that? That’s exactly how I read it. Zap’s pensive and bothered by what they know Gunner is going to do and by what he’ll have to do (but doesn’t want to). Efrem reponds just how I’d expect him to, with sympathy (I’m sorry) and a gentle reminder that there’s no other way around this (Some things even you can’t change). No one else would know yet just what’s bothering Zap as he stares into the mirror.

    I wouldn’t expect that even Reona would really know, even if she did come in the room. And I don’t think anyone would come in the room after Justin left to explicitly give them privacy.

  • safyrejet

    IIRC, Pascalle said at one point they’re texture/shading sorta marks that somehow don’t make physical sense but they just work so they’ve stayed.

  • safyrejet

    They showed up at the beginning of the last major battle sequence, when Zap was revealed crowned and under Gunner’s control.

  • He doesn’t look right without them. IDK.

    Gunner has them under his eyes too.

  • It’s Efrem.

  • svartalf

    Got it.

  • svartalf

    Zap got a bit of help back in a fight with Gunner:


    I wasn’t sure if there was more of that going on or not.

  • safyrejet

    Ah, I see what you were thinking. That’s a dream figure from part of his fragmented memory so then it was more like Zap talking to himself.

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