700 | Captain

700 | Captain

May 28, 2014 | 8:49 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

Ugh Efrem. I try to root for, but uh…


Happy 700!


  • BeepDog

    Nobody’s perfect.

  • Renadt

    Damn, I’d imagine if it were anyone else, they’d have Efram’s head, but Zap is still pretty chill with it all.

  • OldeSword

    I can’t get upset about this. I’ve found the whole “Reona is literally my dream girl so I devoted all my resources to scouring the universe for her” thing to be almost creepy. Kind of obsessive and unhealthy. Maybe it is a psychic thing so it doesn’t seem odd to Zap or Efrem.

    If Efrem had just said, “I don’t believe in that fate stuff and thought you were just being crazy, so I decided to date the cute redhead,” I’d totally buy it.

  • Canin Christell

    The difference between cute and creepy:


    … I jest, but seriously I’m willing to let the search go, see it as cute, and not take it too seriously.

  • Canin Christell

    Congratz on the 700! That’s a lot of updates, a lot of time, and a lot of love. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • ColdFury

    Is it me, or is there subtext here? “I just wanted to have something you wanted.” The apology… did Zap reject Efrem’s advances for his dream girl, and then Efrem went out and stole the dream girl in retaliation??

    Efrem’s actions in this entire thing have been an enigma to me.

  • Ori Klein

    Calling it now: Zap is going to die.
    This is so preface to requiem text.

  • safyrejet

    Yay, back in the jacket!

    And I think it’s well known by now, I’m not a big Efrem fan, but I’m understanding more of why and what now. It’s refreshing to hear him apologize, Zap forgive, and the reminder that it’s REONA Efrem needs to apologize to. He hurt her the most, both emotionally and physically.

  • Speedy Marsh

    It’s possible, but I think Efrem is the most likely sacrificial lamb.

    It could be that Zap is expecting to die. That might be the cost of his plan. His death would ensure the fewest innocent casualties. But, If that’s the case, I think Efrem will “dive on the grenade”, so that Zap and Reona can have their happily ever after.

  • Speedy Marsh

    I don’t think so. Ever since they were kids, Efrem has been the third wheel, always following the cool kids (Zap & Gunner) around, trying to be part of whatever they were doing. Since one of the cool kids wanted Reona, he did too.

    I think Zap feels bad about the way they treated Efrem.

    They never let poor Efrem,
    Play in any psychic games.

    Then one foggy random eve,
    Zap, he came to say,
    Efrem, with your nose so brown,
    Won’t you track my dream girl down?

  • Gardan Blue

    Congrats on the 700

  • Razule

    Just finished reading from the beginning to this part. Excellent story line, great character development and I certainly can’t complain about the drawing style. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Thanks so much! Great time to find/read it since we’re at the end!

  • safyrejet

    That is excellent. Buuuuut now thanks to you I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.



  • Lady Courage

    If you do that, we will hunt you down and tickle you to death.

  • Noel

    I have posted once before, under this name I believe.

    This has been my favorite comic since page 333b was the newest page. I read the archive all at once that day. I wanted to say, now that the comic is nearing its end, that it has not been a disappointment. I am really enjoying these pages. The story and the art have been top notch. Thanks for all of the extra Thursday updates, too. I am looking forward to Pascalle’s Wild Life comic too, which looks wonderful.
    I lost my little brother a little over a year ago now. Since then, I have wanted to tell the creator of one of the things we enjoyed together how much it meant to us. I used to read Zap to Michael back when I was in high school and was still living in our childhood home with him. He would bring a chair in from his room and sit in front of the computer with me while I read it to him. My family was not badly off, but it was a very stressful environment to grow up in, and it was often hard to be happy. Stories like this gave us good times, when we otherwise might not have had them. I can’t tell you how much that means to me now that I can’t have any more time with him, thank you.

  • Wow, Noel! This brought ears to my eyes.

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I lost a brother when he was 15 and it is a very difficult thing to go through. It changes things forever.

    I’m so happy that something I created could mean something to you in a way I never intended. I’m honored Zap! has that special place in your memories. Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading!

  • Speedy Marsh

    Maybe they’re already dead. If you look really closely at Excelsior, you can see “Oceanic Flight 815” emblazoned across the stern. ;)

  • What a great segue into Wilde Life.
    Everyone in Zap! was ghosts all along, now come read my new comic about a ghost.

  • Wow. Such a great and humbling comment. We do this for you guys and its amazing to read things like this. So sorry for your loss and I’m glad we brought joy to Michael and yourself even if in just a small way. I hope the ending of the comic is something Michael would have still enjoyed. Thanks to both of you for being fans for so long!

  • Noel

    I am so sorry that you lost your brother too. I hope that you are well.
    I have been afraid to talk about Michael, and it means a lot to me for you to have responded so kindly to me. You are an incredibly sweet person, as well as being an accomplished person. I wish you the best.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Lol. Now, every time you show a group of ghosts in Wilde Life, I’m gonna have to study every face, to see if any of the dead characters from Zap are making cameos.

  • Speedy Marsh

    I can see it now…

    “Sorry that I only wanted you because you’re Zap’s dream girl, and that I faked my death to get away from you. Oh yeah, and sorry I FUS-RO-DAHed you through a stained glass window, down a hill, and onto a pile of rubble.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I’ve had worse breakups”

  • BeckQ

    I love how sci-fi spacecraft have huge rooms and furniture. I was just looking at photos of the new crew visiting the ISS and you can tell how tiny the spaces are and how every single surface is utilized for a specific purpose. Sci-fi spacecraft are way more homey, and presumably quite affordable to operate with their alternate-universe power source. It would be so great to travel that way!

  • Noel

    Thank you, this is very kind of you to say. It makes me happy to know that you guys know his name, I think that it would have made him happy too.
    I feel like the thanks I can offer is so little in exchange for what you both have given me. I never realized how precious those times would be.
    My best wishes to you.

  • safyrejet

    Well yeah. Eventually. ;P

  • safyrejet

    I’m thinking he should word it a little differently….

  • Speedy Marsh

    Yeah, the nice thing about being an empath is that he’ll know right when he starts to put his foot in his mouth.

  • Psiberkiwi

    I so totally agree!

    *to Speedy* Well played, sir!!

  • Psiberkiwi

    Old (supposedly) Chinese proverb:

    “Death is appointment all men must keep.”

  • chrisbrady

    Maybe he’s not quite as calm as he seems? Maybe he’s seething, but Efrem is a good friend. So he might be more confused than angry.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    it just occurred to me that we have seen Zap physically in that jacket since page 290 – or around eight years ago.

    And no, I’m not counting the pages 418-427 because that was just a Mind Rape sequence, and Zap was really in a tank top during it.

  • Renadt

    Oh, no doubt he is upset about what Efrem did, but he is not claiming that Reona was his until they actually met and fell in love. He is being chill about it by stating that Efrem did not hurt him, but Reona, and that is who Efrerm should apogize to.

  • chrisbrady

    Again, I personally believe that Efrem broke the ‘unwritten Bro code’. You let the guy who saw the girl first his chance. It’s up to the girl to accept his advances, but Zap should have had ‘first dibs’ on that chance.

    So Zap might be more than just mildly annoyed. And yes, Effy DOES have to apologize to Reona too.

  • chrisbrady

    This is more true than we’d like to admit…

  • Renadt

    The thing is, Zap had never met her up to that point, and was only in his dreams. Yes, Efrem messed up, but Zap is more upset that Efrem toyed with Reona’s emotions, not that Efrem tried first with her. Zap, though hurt, agreed to help Reona find Efrem (280-end of Vol 3.5). He really is a gentleman who put Reona first, and if Efrem had been the guy Reona wanted, he would have given Efrem his blessing. Zap is truly in love with Reona, and would give anything to see her smile, regardless of whether he is the one making her smile.

  • sunphoenix

    OK. Way to go Zap!

    That was a very mature and insightful way to handle that! Nice going!

  • sunphoenix

    Wow. {sob}
    I ALWAYS wanted a little brother… I never blessed with that singular joy. But I think I can imagine how devastated I would feel at his loss. I have a little sister… who I’d storm heaven and hell for.
    Just saying deepest of condolences Noel.

    Try to remember …all the days in the future you feel his loss.. do not negate nor make insignificant the joy he brought to your life and you to his. Remember those good times and hold them close at heart… as long as you do.. he will never be far from you.. or you from him.

    God Bless.

  • sunphoenix

    Well… perhaps I’m just too old-fashioned… but I dream everyday of finding a woman I’d love so much that I’d try to conquer the universe for ..just to set it at her feet.. if she would but smile fondly at the thought of me!

    {shrug} —> Hopeless Romantic incurable.

  • sunphoenix

    THIS! All this and what is above.. nice comments! I totally agree!

  • safyrejet

    Awww. There’s still a few of us old-fashioned hopeless romantics out there dreaming the same sort of dreams.

  • Noel

    I needed to hear this, thank you. You made me cry, but it felt like a good thing. I’m a very shy person and I’ve been so afraid to talk to people. My brother and I looked out for each other. Even though he was younger than me, he promised that he would protect me. I am a fearful person and he was brave.
    I did not know how I would go on after what happened. There are so many days where the world feels so dark to me. I am so touched that you would take time for me, when we are strangers, and write these beautiful, helpful words for me.

  • Rexan

    Wow. What kind of cleaning techniques did they use on that jacket? The shrinkage on the sleeves’ ends is unreal.

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