706 | Pillow Talk

706 | Pillow Talk

June 25, 2014 | 9:50 pm, by Pascalle Lepas

hey there good morning hi how are you

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  • Psithief

    Gunner’s just embarrassed because Naveed is right.
    He practically won already.
    Mission accomplished.
    Job is done.
    Nothing left to do but go out in a blaze of yellow glory.

  • safyrejet

    Nice color palette.

    Never sleeps. Egad Gunner’s missing out. I love sleep. Sleep is awesome.

    Seems like Gunner’s gotta learn sometimes it’s better to throw away your “manly” pride and just take a woman’s advice.

  • Deanna

    His plan has always been to kill all the humans, not just destroy the GEF. So no..his job is not done, mission not accomplished. So….

  • Canin Christell

    This is a sweeter/kinder side of Naveed than we normally see. It makes her feel more sympathetic, more real. …I like. <.<

  • Speedy Marsh

    Gunner doesn’t learn. He doesn’t solve problems, he kills them.

    Right now, Naveed’s lack of confidence in him is a problem.

  • Speedy Marsh

    Yeah, I like, too. She’s saying she loves him, and he’s taking it as an insult.

    Chris & Pascalle, y’all had to go and make me like her. Now I’m gonna miss her when she’s gone. :p

    Well, at least I get to keep hating Gunner. I’m guessing more people will join the club soon.

  • safyrejet

    Oh I think a lot of us hate Gunner, it’s not just you in the club. It’s just he’s one of those characters you love to hate and hate to love and love/hate all at the same time. I mean yeah, I hate him, but I love him for it.

  • safyrejet

    Oh well I see his problem.

    And what exactly does that mean for Naveed? It’s not looking good for her. Gunner kills problems. Naveed = problem. ….

  • safyrejet

    I know, she actually looks sweet with her pouty eyes, big lips, “freckle” spots, and droppy ears.

  • Speedy Marsh

    The only thing I love about Gunner, is that standing up to him makes Zap, Reona, and all so awesome.

  • Amanda

    This page is amazing! It makes it hard to believe that she can be so bloodthirsty.

  • The best villains are ones that you can relate to in at least some way. I mean Naveed is probably the closest to being bad with no good, but even she has her weaknesses.

  • Psiberkiwi

    Sounds like Naveed has had enough of the killing biz and wants to get out while she can, but trying to convince Gunner is going to be… problematic…

  • For shame Naveed! How dare you only think of Gunner as your love and wish to protect him and be with him and make him happy! That’s just not right! [/Sarcasm]

  • Yeah. Quit while you’re still ahead (attached to your body).

  • J S

    “Hey baby wanna kill all humans?” -Bender

  • sunphoenix

    OH GODS! I was soo right about Naveed! :) That just makes this ever sadder!~

  • sunphoenix

    Yeah, man.. she can see the writing on the wall.. and she knows Zap could have easily killed her and yet he was merciful.. he gave her back to her man.. and didn’t even hurt Gunner int he process.. but the cut hair is a point SHE at least did not miss!

    Zap all but stated in a most elegant way “THAT hair could have been your head! Back off or next time it will be!!!”

    Yes.. I do not condone Naveed’s bloodthirsty nature.. but the fact she sees that as only a means to an end.. that end being living happily with the man she loves shows me.. she is not ALL evil an murderous inside!

    And with time.. she might learn to give up her hate and cruelty for the more superior path of love and compassion. It also is a slippery slope.. the more to are kind.. and compassionate.. the easier it becomes to be so with others.

    Unfortunately.. Gunner has obviously turned it into an ego thing! {shakes head}.. he’s boarding on “I’ll cut off my nose to spite my face to prove I’m bad ass.. when bliss is looking him in the face!

    Gunner can even see his attraction to that bliss.. he ‘stayed the night in his lover’s arms’ ..apparently from Naveed’s reaction something new for him.. and Gunner hates the fact .. he sees it as a weakness.

    Gunner is so terribly self-deluded.. I can’t hate him but I do look on with pity at a man too stubborn to know when he’s found happiness to just accept it and move on. He’s not something to hate but to look on with disgust and disappointment. Cause he will only gonna realize that he’s throwing away what really makes him happy for his stupid ego.. only when he’s destroyed it all; and has nothing left!

    THEN the madness will claim him as there are none so unforgiving of themselves as those who will not forgive others!

    So sad… I hope Zap kills him quickly and mercifully.

  • Shadowmerc

    Naveed is being greedy, she just wants gunner to pet her in a heavy manner while dangling the rubber mouse in her face..

    or maybe she just reached that point in every cats life where they stop being a murderous stealth assassin bent on shredding the couch till nothing remains and has now become that snuggly, huggable, loving, purr machine that just wants to settle down and have a litter of blue hairs.

    or maybe she’s playing both angles and wants to be a snugglystealthpurrsassin bent on world hugglation through better tail twitching.


  • sunphoenix

    Yeah.. the ‘Hair Cut’ was a hint.. take it!

  • Speedy Marsh

    But Naveed is expressing a desire to change, or at least a willingness. Gunner takes offence at everything. He’s so far gone, that he doesn’t recognize a good thing, till he’s destroyed it.

    I guess I might relate to Gunner in a way. Life has been painful (literally) for me for the last decade, but I haven’t gone psycho like Gunner. I can’t understand people like Gunner, who don’t realize how good life could still be, if they just let it.

  • sunphoenix

    There are a lot of things that make up the composition of a person’s psyche. The ability to love and care for another is a healthy social cue… Naveed is not just a sexy cat assassin in a slinky outfit.. she’s as much a woman.. and OBVIOUSLY intelligent woman.. who can see where this vendetta is going to go if her man keeps pursuing it! And.. she loves him – without reserve.. he scares and manipulates her yes {I’m sure she knows this}.. but life without him scares her more!

  • Same here. Hurts when you stumble and fall, but you get back up, dust off, and keep moving forward.

  • Kindra Coates

    The first four panels… I was going with unrequited love on Naveed’s part and that Gunner never cared for her that way. But her slip of “you’re still here” made me realize that Gunner has used her for sex and just left her alone in the bed. Even if that was a deal that they worked out, it still makes me feel so sad for them both.

  • SpringLoaded12

    It must be hard having a moody psychic mastermind boyfriend who gets offended if you’re concerned about his safety.

    Also, I think Naveed’s boobs got bigger.

  • Crestlinger

    She’s not wrong, that haircut could have been terminal if desired.
    Zap ‘ALL THE HAIR!’ *Buzzz
    Gunner: ‘NOOO!!! THE SOURCE OF MY POWERRRRR!!!’ *explodes.

  • I don’t see Naveed as wanting to “change” she will still be bad no matter where they ran off to. Shes just being selfish and thinking about losing Gunner, her one weakness.

    Also, I always find it interesting when people say stuff like “i wouldnt have gone psycho”. No matter how bad your decade has been, he lost EVERYTHING. His people, his home, his best friend, he has nothing that he holds dear left. Now add super human ability to that. Power corrupts, and its easy for us without power to say we wouldn’t let it corrupt us, however, history would not be on your side, neither is it on Gunner’s. He has the power and ability to get revenge on those he feels has wronged him and he has really nothing left to lose. Why WOULDN’T he go a bit psychotic?

  • Speedy Marsh

    So, if Zap hadn’t dreamed about Reona, he would’ve gone off on his own hate filled, genocidal rampage across the galaxy?

    And what about Efrem? The last two members of his species barely gave a crap about him, and he’s always had such bad luck, that he’s almost a running gag. Why isn’t he off using his powers to cheat at poker, get laid every night, and talk people into suicide bombings?

    Gunner is just a self-centered a-hole, and he’d be a self-centered a-hole whether he had his psychic powers, or just an assault rifle in a high school.

    If everyone behaved like Gunner when their life went to hell, then civilization would break down, and there’d be looting and rioting, till there was nothing left.

    If there were anything of value left of Gunner, besides his hair, then he would have agreed with Naveed, and gone off with her to take another try at a happy life. Instead, he’s gonna be a whiny little sh*t, and go off on another homicidal temper tantrum. Obviously, the time-out that Zap gave him didn’t do the least bit of good.

  • Travis

    why is there never a gay character.

  • Psithief

    Surely you mean ‘implodes’? :D Harder to illustrate, admittedly.

  • Psithief

    Less than one in ten people are.

    If one was in the comic but not in a relationship, would you even know?

  • Well obviously some people would react a different way. But yes I think Zap could have gone either way if not for his visions. Gunner used to be the good one of the three and he just went off. Its no excuse but just understandable at least in my opinion. Efrem DID use his powers to manipulate don’t forget.

  • anonynony

    Plot twist: Gunner is actually a girl.

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Let’s not forget that Zap got to work in a cushy lab. Efrem was a doctor (and thus saw the weak, vulnerable, and “good” side of humanity). Gunner, and Naveed for that matter, were forced to go out and KILL, KILL, KILL THEM ALL, and were forced to see the worst humanity had to offer. That tends to unhinge people. Add to that the complete annihilation of his species. (There are no female psychics) and it’s no wonder Gunner is gunning for blood.

  • John Smith

    Character development at last! :D

  • svartalf

    And, she’s trying to take it. Shame Gunner’s not cluing in to what this all means.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Also: As far as we know, he could be bisexual.

    I can’t exactly see Gunner holding back from taking anything he wants. Kind of like a less happy-go-lucky version of Oberyn Martell.

  • oh my god. where is the fanfiction already??

  • Daniel Schealler

    Oh come on. Don’t pretend like you’ve never thought of that before. ;)

  • efh313

    Naveed in panel 7, looks amazing. First time I actually see the humanity in the character. And… I even feel some sympathy for her…

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