707 | You Never Had Me

707 | You Never Had Me

June 29, 2014 | 8:35 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


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  • LisYaj

    you knew this going in, so why brother saying that now? O_o

  • djm

    Pascalle, that last panel could be the most wonderful thing you’ve drawn in the entire series.

  • I’ve already drawn what happens to them.
    I WONDER WHAT IT IS!!!! :3

  • well, thank you!

  • I’ve said before that for Gunner, Naveed was never anything like a partner. She was always only a tool. He manipulated her heart because that made her easier to use, much as I might send a scratchy fountain pen off to Ron Zorn for nib tuning.

  • Anon3000

    It’s like a “powers combined” thing.

    Also might have been “inspired” by the Colossatron app.

    Also incredibly, improbably awesome if I’m the first to actually post this.

  • JasonAW3

    Zap kicks Gunner into the pit.
    Zap looks over the edge as Gunner falls out of sight…
    Zap says…
    “Gunner go down de hole!”

  • Interesting juxtaposition between Zap-and-his-lady and Gunner-and-his-lady.

  • thank you for noticing!

  • Ha! Suck it bitch! He’s leaving you in the dust and that’s what you get for being a psycho playing with psychos.

  • Technically true, right?

    …because of Gunner’s specific ability type…?

  • This is pretty much unrelated but I just wanted to comment on how impressive it is that you respond so much to all of our comments.

    You have almost 2500 comments!

    You should get an award for being so engaged with us :)

  • I feel special now. :D
    And definitely agree with what Daniel Kauwe said, it’s awesome that you’re so engaged with your readers.

  • trashbandit

    Managed to sneak into an Internet cafe tonight, finally! Got 9 little updates to read. Booya! :D

  • l33tninja

    What? Naveed has a heart?

  • Putonyourwarpaint

    Actually, I was thinking it’s a reflection of how it took both Gunner and Efrem to take Zap down, despite how much more powerful Gunner is.

  • Rexan

    Yeah, I’m impressed with how you can make us care about a psychopath with just one well drawn panel, the last on this page. Well done, well done.

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