744 | Not Dead Yet

744 | Not Dead Yet

September 28, 2014 | 10:04 pm, by Pascalle Lepas


  • Speedy Marsh

    He sent them to… Oklahoma. Now, Naveed thinks her name is Sylvia…

  • safyrejet

    Naveed’s facial expressions are hitting me right there in all the feels.

  • Bruudwin

    nooooo! I’m an okie and I’d sooo love to see a cat woman around these parts minus the whole disembowling part and she’s already taken! … yeah I’d like to leave Oklahoma. I’m so sick of this red dirtclay. can barely grow anything and too windy for some of the plants. heh. barely any plant variation around here.

  • look up Wampus Cats! They’re women who turn into mountain lions.

    Probably likely they will show up in some comic about Oklahoma I’m drawing now.

  • Bruudwin

    o.0 the things humanity creates to serve some odd situation andor explanation. Wampus Cats.
    is the story of that wampus cat told around your part?

    Eeek! Just looked you up somewhat (for the first time in all these years of following zap) and you’re a fellow Okie!!! I’m in MooreNorman aka Cleveland County! Hello lovely Tulsa lady!

  • Crestlinger

    2300 A.D.

  • svartalf

    Depends on what you’re trying to grow there. Wheat does decently enough from my recollection. Windy? Try Kansas or Colorado. Been in all those places after living a substantive part of my adult life in Texas, having grown up in Oklahoma.

  • svartalf

    Epic, aren’t they? She’s had a pretty tragic life, all things considered- and now this? Fortunately, Zap’s happy to give her the dreams she hoped for- and Gunner might actually heal over time with the Psycho Kitty’s care and love.

  • OutruntheWind

    Or Wyoming… Any time I drive across that state and the wind’s NOT blowing I’m surprised.

  • Dr. Mauser

    He’s never going to forgive him….

    … for isolating him with a woman he doesn’t particularly care about. A gift for her, purgatory for him.

  • Aerotendo

    Maybe he sent her through time and space to the beginnings of Earth so that they end up being Adam and Eve? Wouldn’t THAT be a mind boggler?

  • Awestin

    This was like the ending of avatar bet he can’t physical anymore

  • Psychotic Muffin

    yes please yes.
    i desperately need that cameo.

  • He accidentally sends them to… the intergalactic void, where they explosively decompress. Whoops.

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